Don't fall asleep on Corey Chamblin and the Argos

In the mess that has been the Argos orginization the last 2 yrs.
Dont fall asleep on HC/DC coach Chamblin.
With some $$$ to spend. Coach has quietly been building up his defense.
A Couple weeks ago he went out and got shut Down CB Jerome Mincy outa NFL cuts still young and Top CFL player before heading south.
This week he has brought in former Star SAMLB Shaq Richardson.
Remember he was the DC for the Argos GC team just 2 weeks ago.
I dont think the Argos need a new HC/DC.
What they do need is an OC to handle the Offense.
I have to take a guess that it was Jim Poop. Who decided to bench Macbeth and his high flying passing game. For Franklin in an attempted effort to build up his QB trade Value before the deadline.
That was disasterous. So Jim Poop got the Boot

Change the title of this thread to “Random fanboy musings about my team?. ::slight_smile:

Btw, Corey Chamblin was not the DC for the Argos GC team just two weeks ago.

I beg to differ. Corey Chamblain was the asst HC/DC/DB coach.
So it wuldnt be much of a stretch to keep him as HC/DC.
Interesting is that Marcus Brady was the OC on that team as well.
Brady is now an Offensive assistant in the NFL for the Colts.
Now Marcus Crandell has been the U of S Huskies for 3 years.
Not much of a stretch for Pinball & Chamblain to bring him back to the CFL as OC/QB coach. Add the title of asst HC.

Anyway their was no fire sale with the Argos.
Laing name was thrown around the Media. But he is one of the best DTs in the CFL. Who just happens to be a Canadian National.
So no go on trade.
In the meantime. DB by trade Chamblan has brought in those two DBs late after their stints in NFL. So the Argos may be in the midst of a 2nd awful season. But not only kept and signed top defensive guys.
But Also Rec Derel Walkers name was tossed around the media as a potential trade. Him SJ Green & Amante are 3 top rec in the cfl

Chamblin is an idiot. Every week I see him make some ridiculous error. In their first loss to BC I counted five.

In an open mic game a few weeks ago I heard him ask one of his assistants what formation the other team was in.

Okk. He may not be a HC matierial. But he is a stoudt DC. In this era of the coaches Salary cap. Dual HC/asst Head Coach. One in charge of Offense & one of defense. Two coaches that are on the same page.
Milanovich & Chris Jones did it all the way to 2012 GC.
Just saying

As it stands with the coaching cap, the alternative is to eat his salary. With a three year deal, wouldnt that mean eating it for two years?

If that’s the alternative, I say keep him as HC/DC. The money that would’ve gone toward eating Chamblins contract could go toward hiring a good OC/asst HC and/or more assistants on defense so that Chamblin isnt spread too thin.

Popp was the big problem. He couldn’t uncover hidden talent from the states, didnt draft particularly well, and overpaid for free agents. With the right horses and more coaching help, Chamblin could be an effective HC. If he still cant get it together, at least they would eat one year of his contract rather than two.

Popp & Trestman lived by starting 5 Canadian Olineman. Then 4 Canadian OL.
A Canadian DT. Or a Rec or a safety.
Never was much for building canadian Content.
Ultimately that was Popps downfall.
600K freed up. Now the Argos can actually hire qualified OC. etc.

I still say that Chamblin WAS NOT the assistant HC/DC/DB coach two weeks ago.
He was the HC/DC co-ordinator of an Argos team that got thrashed by the Lions in Vancouver.

Chamblin WAS assistant HC/DC/DB coach two YEARS ago though.

The Argonauts have come along nicely since the start of the season. And with McLeod Bethel-Thompson at the helm, the Argos now have a high powered offence. I’m expecting them to score a lot of points inMontréal this week.


I love your optimism.

he is? after 2017 he “stepped away from the game” only to jump to the Razorbacks…in other words, Trestman let him quit instead of canning him. he was an awful coordinator in Saskatchewan. If you give him young players that need coached…he is screwed

Sorry about the confusion. Thats wat I was talking about the 2017 GC season wit the Argos

Have you been watching a different team?

They got slaughtered by the hapless Lions a few weeks back. A win over Ottawa doesn’t mean much. The Argos and Redblacks are both disasters right now.