Don't expect to see any game highlights tonight

The Leafs made a trade for a second string goalie, so obviously this will dominate all the sports news in this country for the next 10 days. They won't have time to talk about anything else.

OMG, OMG the Leafs made a trade, holy crap, stop the motors and plan a parade etc. The world must halt or else, well who knows. :lol:

All the puckheads will orgasm. :roll:


The Make Be-Leafs still exist?

GO LEAFS GO !!!!! and while yer at it ....take the ARGOS,BLUE-JAYS and anything else associated with HOGTOWN and go..just go..very very very far away,contrary to popular belief,you are not,repeat NOT...The center of the universe.LOL, HIGHLIGHTS TO FOLLOW!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

Ahem, for those of us employed by a corporation that owns Maple Leaf Sports, I might take offence to this. However, being the noob around these parts, (the forum, not being a Tabbie fan, I remeber Al Bruno... nice guy, met him and we talked at a camp years ago), I'll be a nice guy and forgive you your transgressions.


Howdy Hersh, remember me? I used to work with you at the corporation that owns Maple Leaf Sports! How are things at work? I hear it hasn't been the same since they stopped giving you puppies to torture on your lunch breaks. Oh well, nice to hear from you.


Yeah, they made us stop torturing the puppies. Makes 'em too tough too eat. :stuck_out_tongue: