Dont even bicker about printers, he put amazing effort in.

Guys, it was his first game for like half a year to a year. And did you hear how loud that crowd was? For his first game back, I think he did a pretty outstanding job, and next week he will for sure be a lot better. I say great job Printers.

I have to agree with you on that. He did play a good game for a guy who hasn't play for awhile. But lets face facts had we had Jarious or Buck throw that game ending INT ,Some people on this board would be complaining That Jackson or Pierce was the reason BC lost the game ,or that we need a new QB, or that we should of started CP. How many times have we seen that earlier this year Geroyfan? I've been one of the few fans that preached that its a team game. You win as a team, and you lose as a team.
This team had some growing pains this year ,but don't forget that Jackson and Pierce helped put this team in a fighting position of first place. Who would have thought of that four weeks ago.
We are fotunate enough that we should be thanking Wally for finding Gems in the Qb department and slowly turning this team
around. How many times have you seen a team win with three different( almost four) QB in the same year.

So true Lion40. It IS a team effort. It is not nor should it be a blame game when it comes to team losing. At the same time if the should fits the right person that individual should be prepared to wear it. Remember Saskatchewan was hemming down at their own 7 yard line? Thanks to Mr. McCallum's great kick. On 2nd and 10 Durant throws the ball into the ground resulting in an incompleted pass. We were down I think only by 5 points at the time. Unfortunately Armour gets called for a 10 yarder and instead of giving up a 2 point safety or giving B.C. excellent field position, Saskatchewan maintains possession and is able to make some more 1st downs. It think they got all the way up to their 50 before surrendering the ball. Armour did not lose the game for B.C. on that play. There are many other examples from poorly run patterns to dropped balls that all contributed to the loss.

Yes, GeroySimonFan, Printers did put in a great effort . I don't think anyone will argue that. I for one expected good things from him and he delivered. It is just unfortunate that he finished the game off with such a play because he did not have any chances to redeem himself after that. I'm sure he feels worse than anyone. Above all I'm sure Saskatchewan feels lucky that they won and Printers I'm sure has put the other teams on notice- that he is back!

Yeah Printers kept us in this game, he had the knowledge and the scrambling ability. He played great and we still have a chance at a home playoff game :lol:

I thought Printers played outstanding. Other than a few short miscues and the ill-advised last pass of the game, he looked really sharp overall. (No need to qualify that with “for a QB who hasn’t played in a while”… neither Buck nor Jarious would have been able to complete some of those passes while scrambling IMO.)

I’m looking forward to see what he can do with a couple more games under his belt.

Didnt we beat the riders twice with Pierce, Jackson and Lulay ?

mookie, its a TEAM effort, dont blame just the QB.