Don't dare blame the fans!!

Maas was 5-19…the best the Ticats could offer was an unprepared #2 QB…but we believed he must be prepared cause he’s a #2!..wrong!

…This team and organization has been repeatedly warned over the past decade that their stubborness and outright refusal to address the QB deficiency will be the downfall of this team…and yet the fans were ignored and ignored and ignored…

…we now see the results…

…don’t blame the fans for this three ring circus…the fans knew it all along…

…fire every QB and today…sign Printers if you must and start all over…and most importantly, listen to the fans because they know a hell of a lot more than the coaches and management do…and that’s now a proven FACT!


This is way past bizarre!..the free adviice that fans have given would have had better results than what the “paid” leaders have shown…by far!

Gee, Williams can hit a Gold uniform!..what a concept!

im just as frustrated i hate this ,how much more can us the fans take?

Fingerpointing is the easy call, always has been in the netaverse.

The team has to bite the bullet, develop the future at QB (read Chang or Williams if he can emerge), and accept the lumps this can cause. Maas as backup works for me, even if the fubling is more anticlimatic.

Printers wouldn't save the season, but I could handle the 2008 speculation with him in tow. Other than that possibility, it's going to be ugly before it gets presentable.

Oski Wee Wee,

No, don't blame the fans, but don't start taking advice from them either. Fire all the QBS? Chang and Williams have barely seen the field.
The fans know a lot more than the coaches? Which fans are you talking about, because the fans disagree on every single topic that surfaces on these boards.
What I think you're suggesting is that you know a lot more than the coaches.

Well you don't Mikey, you don't.

Any coach now with the team would be wrong to say we can win games with the crew we have now playing at the level they've been coached at and to until now.

The team is deficient to some degree in all areas. Now, though, is not the time to fire quarterbacks that instead need game-time to develop into true starters.

Hamilton has a problem with players not having been properly coached and with coaches who have failed to recognize and address this, for whatever reason.

Blaming one noun now is useless. It's time to bring in more coaching assistants and make sure this year is not a total failure. It's time to develop players and audition both players and coaching talent for the future.

We need a starting quarterback and we have time now to decide if we have that person or we need to bring someone in.

Before next season the team staff has to ensure all team quarterbacks are ready to play in this league and at least one of them is ready to start with a team on which all players are ready to start and play in the CFL.

It's time to give notice that as soon as we have additional coaching staff in place all jobs are available for each player and coach (with the exception of head coach and GM) to lose.

Other than that, as to this season, and particularly to this last game .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Unfortunatly the fans have been derailed by management again. First it was that we were all buying into a three year deal in Hamilton since Bob Young took over ownership and after the whole Greg Marshall era the team wanted us to buy into another three year plan with Charlie Taafe the problem is, is that this team has not seen a winner or any king of winning performance to base our fellowship on. Why follow a loser, especially one for so long as Cat fans have. This city needs a winner unfortunatly we can't even buy one or at least it seems that way I'm sure if Mr. Young played the same way Saskatchewan is playing we could buy a winner here in Hamilton and much sooner that waiting another three years this time for Taafe's WEST COAST OFFENCE to take hold, well I guarentee you that aint going to work with Jason Maas as our QB, once again the fans have to watch a crappy QB play in Hamilton, give the young guns a start and ship Maas out but don't blame this bad play on the fans!!!!! EAT EM DONE!!!!

The fans wanted Chang to start. He did & look at the result. I almost fell asleep in the stands today watching Chang work.

Maas was 8-15 for 1 TD.

So neither QB is a winner. but i still
feel with a better O-line both QB's
would have had a better change at success.
Time to play them in tandum and fix the
o-line and see who comes out on top.

There are certain fans on this site who would definitely bear listening to. They've been connected to the game, in some cases, for years, and they have a good idea of how things go down in this league. There are also the "others".

I would certainly allow the fans to submit ideas here; after all, that is what this forum is for, but I would put those ideas under severe scrutiny.

After a few years on this forum, it becomes quite apparent discerning who actually knows a thing or two about the CFL.

Wow that sounds amazingly like logic to me.

The fans in this city actually blow my mind sometimes. They've been chanting "we want Chang" for weeks now and (this is not exaggeration) after about 3 drives they were calling for Maas. Never ceases to amaze me. The QB's are just NOT getting enough time to get a decent play off.


We think we know more but in reality we only have our opinions. If we really did know more, then we would all be pulling in a pay cheque from the Ti-Cats.

I blame the new logo! :lol:

The onnes calling for Maas are the same blockheads that opposed any QB change. This site is full of them

Yep. Too right, JL.

The day the coaches start making moves based on the opinions of the fans is the day I finally lose my mind completely (no I haven’t yet…be afraid…be very afraid).

wrong! it'[s the quick fix blockheads looking and finding reasons to rip the qb when it's more than obvious is it?

Sorry amigo, but they were actually the same ones who were calling for Chang for the last few weeks. I think I said that.

Even the Lancaster missed the stadium today!

But the parachutists were awesome.

As for the game, all the TiCats were missing was the bottle of seltzer (Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk)

Here's to 2008 sigh

How does that old saying go?

The coach that takes orders from the fans soon sits with them.

Or something like that.

If a professional football team ever decided to take my advice in making football related decisions, I would stop supporting the team.

Let's allow the football people to run the football team, and the fans to support them.