Don't Count Out The Bombers Yet!!

This is mainly a message to Jets07, Housedog and Sanjay .... I have not seen you guys post your negative comments on here lately, could it be that the Bombers were 6 WINS AND 2 LOSSES down the stretch? Could it be that WE HAVE BEAT 2 OF THE BEST in Montreal and Edmonton? Could it be that we actually have a chance to upset Edmonton and Montreal and make it to the GC?

Oh and as far as the Taman and Berry Bashing in the past, what happened to that? could it be that Berry HAS THE RESPECT of his player's? or maybe TAMAN'S TRADES were GREAT TRADES?

Let's see going into the playoffs, we have one of the best (if not the best) running back in the league in Fred Reid, complimented with Joe Smith, Our O-Line looks great and Glenn has improved dramatically (and wants to make a statement in this years playoffs), Dinwiddie IS AND SHOULD STAY OUR BACK-UP AND START IN THE NEXT YEAR OR 2, the guy is just poised and positive and played on an ankle sprain and played damn good. Moreno was a STEAL and Lobedahn will be back for at least the final in Montreal.

We have the best recievers in the league, the 2 best running backs, 3 of the best middle line men, one of the best corner's in Johnson, we have what it takes this year to bring the cup home where it belongs.

Oh did i mention SERNA, i said in a different post, this guy is loved by all the players and coaches and what has he done made 11 of his last 12 field goals, great job Serna!! Who wants Westwood now? How about Pikula? LMAO, Serna will be a great kicker in time, he is only 23 years old i should remind you!!

So we gave up Roberts and a player who will be in the NFL for a long time and we get hmm .... Zeke Moreno, Joe Smith, Kai Ellis, Samuels, to me it looks like TAMAN HAS DONE GREAT, turned the team around at the right time and look out Edmonton, we WILL upset you.


GO BOMBERS!!!!! :rockin:

The Bombers have had a much better second half. They will need to make some more improvements during the offseason, but for a team with a terrible record during the first half of the season they look like a better team. I am not convinced that Tamen is the answer but I am willing to give another chance next season. But if there is another slow start next year then something will have to be done quickly.

Go BOMBERS AND kick the Esks butts on Sat.

…we don’t look too bad going into the semi on Sat. …A lot of guys coming off injuries…Lobendahn, Koch, Simpson…nice to see…We are getting healthy as well as peaking at the right time…spells trouble for the esks…Serna has also decided that he would like to continue his career in the Peg, and has showed some good stuff in the last two games…‘IF’ he can carry that over to the next game and possibly beyond…the BigBlue are going to be BIG-TIME TROUBLE, for any team …we’re looking good…goBigBlue… :rockin:

i'm from riderville and trying to find out for a Bomber fan here, what is the condition of Tom Canada. Is he still with the Bombers, can he come back for the play offs? i'm rooting for the Bombers. I would like to see the rematch with a healthy Glenn

go BLUE but bleed GREEN

First tom europe, then tom canada, next come tom asia. Coming soon to a defense near you

Edmonton is not one of the best. If we lose on Saturday Taman must go.