Don't Change the QBs-- Change the Schemes!!!!

Ive been reading these boards for a while, and im just sick of the QB debate, the simple solution is to change the offensive and defensive schemes. First of all on Offense:

-Move to a spread offense
-spread the ball around
-use a one back formation
-eliminate the use of a fullback
-use two-tight end for short yardage instead of FB.
-Use more shotgun sets in order for the Qb to get rid of the ball quicker.
-Use a no-huddle offense in order to keep the pace up and keep the defense on their toes and eliminate the defence’s chance of making substitutions.
-Build the offense around small, speedy, elusive WRs.

On Defense:
-build it around speed
-use smaller type LBs that can move around and make plays.
-The DEs should consist of Hybrid LB/DE that can passrush and crash the pocket.
-Use a 3-4 defensive package similar to the argos with a few tweaks. In our 3-4 package the Safeties should play deep to avoid big plays and keep everything in front of them.
-No more 4 defensive lineman, its a waste and we keep getting run over.
-McKay should lose weight in the offseason and move to OLB. Move JJ Armour to OLB. Build this team around LBs, Moreno is excellent for an inside linebacker in a 34 scheme.

Its schemes baby, y’all can debate about Maas/ Chang all you want, but ya gotta change the scheme, it also doesn’t help that one of the coordinators has no CFL experience and is only familiar with American high school football.

Also Maas and Chang would benefit from playing in a spread offense, because they both played in a similar offense in College at Oregon and Hawaii respectivly, if your desperate hire John Jenkins or Mouse Davis to be offensive coordinator since they have experience in the run-and-shoot/spread offense. The best head coach for this team would be June Jones, since he has ncaa, cfl, and nfl experience, but I dont think he will leave a confortable Hawaii job.

Let’s talk mroe about football strategy in these forums instead of firing people.

Ugh at John Jenkins. My Matt Dunigan-approved John Jenkins QB Concussion Reducer Bubble Helmet just fell off.


:D :D :D

Not interested in watching a spread anything with the sieve of a line we have now. I personally think that the use of a FB/TE/H-back still has a place in football because I got through Madden 2003 with no permanent scarring. :wink:

Without a little smashmouth, you are dead in this league. The reason that the Riders have blossomed is that Kent Austin gets that, and the use of Cates and Szarka as important piees of their puzzle opens up the deep game for Dominguez, Flick, et al.

Oski Wee Wee,

Exactly. With the pass blocking most of us have witnessed over the last 3 or 4 games, there is no way they can afford to take the fullback/H-back out of the playbook.

Personally, I think the playbook isn’t entirely to blame. It is the execution of that playbook that is the problem. The only tweak I would make would be a little more deep routes to help stretch out the defense that seems to retract towards the line as each minute passes in the game.

But then again, the quarterback hasn’t had enough time to even throw a deep ball lately, so I don’t think it matters at this point.

Come on NFL! Cut the Ticats a couple nice, fierce offensive tackles to protect Casey’s/Timmy’s/Richie’s blindside!

  • paul
ts schemes baby, y'all can debate about Maas/ Chang all you want, but ya gotta change the scheme, it also doesn't help that one of the coordinators has no CFL experience and is only familiar with American high school football.
An ABSOLUTE GEM of an Insight ... I actually suggested Danny Barrett a few days ago.

This goes for the Defensive Co-Ordinator too. (Any Suggestions?)

There REMAINS a whole laundry list of SHORTCOMINGS, and Details which need to be addressed ... just as there REMAINS a NEED for PATIENCE to be shown by US, while these get worked on ...

It SEEMS that, COLLECTIVELY, Ticat Nation needs to be REMINDED of the fact this is a season of R E B U I L D I N G ...

Charlie has NOT, suddenly, FORGOTTEN how to coach. I will say his RECENT Flip Flop concerning the status of Maas as Starter was a bit QUESTIONABLE, however, the man does know the game.

Moving FORWARD, the goal of the season REMAINS the same as it has been ALL year ... IMPROVEMENT toward Competitiveness, and Consistency. It will not happen OVERNIGHT.

The season may be lost - but there is still much to be gained in the upcoming weeks. I for ONE, will remain ON BOARD until such time as these guys have PROVEN themselves INCAPABLE ... beyond a reasonable doubt.


^^^ Agreed.

I'd like to see the QBs roll out more to buy more time. Too much drop back which makes me think the coaches aren't entirely familiar with the Canadian game, but then again, Charlie is supposed to be the offensive minded coach.

fullback is useless, use a tight end instead. The spread offense can make use an of h-back/tight end, the h-back is perfect, because i remember joe gibbs using an h-back to coutner lawrence taylor and the new york giants during the 80s. Dickerson and radelin are useless FBs, the team should scout some of those Canadian TEs playing in the ncaa and get them up here, you could even use LBs like moreno and armour once in a while.

How many Canadian tight ends are there out there? I honestly have no clue.

Kori Dickerson played tight end throughout college if I am not mistaken, and with Jesse at tailback, it does give you the flexibility of using an American at the H-back spot like the Ticats do now.

The only problem occurs when Jesse leaves the field hurt ...

  • paul

Charlie Taafe is a good coach, what you need are CFL coordinators with multiple years of experience, a head coach is only as good as his assistants. Get some experience, get some more mobile offensive lineman that can zone block, use more shotgun to increase the QBs time to pass the ball, use more H-back, use a spread offense, then you will be fine.

On the offensive coordinator front, it would depend on who was available at the conclusion of season (unless Working works magic, IMO). Danny Barrett is currently under contract as University at Buffalo Assistant Head Coach / QB Coach.

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I am not adverse to a wider-open offensive system. I just think that in November, you need to have a little jam in the sandwich to win. :wink:

Regarding defensive coordinator, my pick would be Less Browne. He has the coaching experience in this league and the Steeltown resume to deserve a shot.

Oski Wee Wee,

oski, i liek your choices, also the current coordinators on charlie's staff dont need to be fired, just allow them to be position coaches, while they apprentice under more experienced CFL guys. A more wide open offense would keep the defense guessing, also a no-huddle offense would keep the defense on their toes, and a no-huddle would destroy the argos, the argos consistently has guys on their squad that get injured/tired, and a no-huddle would keep them on the field.

rocket25, I agree with much of what you say but I think this team does not execute well. Even if the team implemented the kinds of things you suggest, they keep shooting themselves in the foot (feet?) through badly thrown balls, dropped passes, fumbles, bad reads, missed blocks, dumb penalties, etc. So I still think you come back to the players as much as the schemes.

I agree too with your call for experienced assistants unlike the U.S. high school coach who currently serves as the current OC.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well, a no-huddle approach is something I heartily agree with provided it's used as a change of pace more than a modus operendi all the time. There are times you can get the defence on its heels with a no-huddle and there are times where you have to grind the clock. The point is, we have no flexibility here because there hasn't been any effective no-huddle/hurry up offense in place and we are MIDWAY through the season.

30 or 40 defence, not a really big issue for me, although I am partial to a base 4-3 approach. We need to find a DC with a clue about how to disguise coverages and blitzes by scheme. Browne cut his teeth under Stubler here in the eighties, and I consider Stub as the best defensive mind in the league (sans Sudsy). We need a guy who can motivate, is steeped in toughminded defensive tradition, and has the know-how of how to develop a group of ballhawks. In my estimation, you've got a Hall of Famer with defensive position coaching experience who is Black and Gold to the'd be nuts not to get him on Line 2 PDQ when considering defensive coordinator candidates.

Oski Wee Wee,

oski, i enjoy your passion and agree with what you you say. We need a coach with the attributes you described, but also a coach that can motivate is important. I do agree that 30 or 40 base fronts dont matter much, I think the right defence is a cover 3 approach, in which 3 safeties play deep in order to avoid big plays, long passes, and deep routes, the key to a cover 3 is you need physical CBs that can cover man-to-man, the LBs and DEs just need speed, id rather see smaller, speed players all over the field, just a bunch of ballhawks, a cover 3 defence is the way to go.