don't bring in Americans to kick

I don't want to see us brining in an American
to camp. These guys if they work out are
usually just short term solutions. We need
to bring in 3 Canadians and let them compete
for the position.

I feel Fleming's high salary will make him
expendable, and Boreham may find a home
out west(see Wpg).

The CFL is a game of field position. Kicking is so important. Bring in the best possible kicker, I don't care if he's from the planet Vulcan.

I don't care if he's from the planet Vulcan
What does the import ratio say about that? If their UFO landed in Canada, would that make them Canadian under the system?

Fleming should be here..
He Punting got better as Season did..
Boreham May Compeet...

I do Agree we should bring 1 more Canadian Born kicker

Unless You Can Bring Mike Vandjad or Lawrence Tines in . NOT CHANCE IT HELL...

It Risky Bring in a rookie Kicker..
You never know what your going to get..

Tynes is American and wont be leaving
the Kansas City Chiefs.
As far as Mike Vanderjagt(the most accuarte
kicker in NFL history) who was aldo cut by Sask.(93) and Ham.(95) there is no chance he is coming here.

basically, if they havent played american football, they would be non imports no matter where they landed.

The bigger question is, would they be legal, or illegal aliens??

i have to agree completely with ck. i never thought the day would come. you can not underestimate how a great kicker can change a game. although it is best for the ratio to have a cdn kicker we need to get the very best in there who ever it is. mark it down ck october 25 2006

bring in Dana Segin he’s a local boy

I think Jesse should be the kicker.

kidding :twisted:


Very well played CK. :smiley:

When there was a 36 man roster and only 14 imports, having a Canadian kicker was a bit more important.
With a 42 man roster and 3 of them being “designated imports”, there’s a lot more flexibility to have an American do the job.
If the best Canadian kicker you can find can’t compete with the best American, so be it. Don’t sacrifice the kicking game for the ratio.