Don't bring back the Rough Riders name

If Ottawa brings back the Rough Rider name that would only give one more thing for CFL bashers to bash, EXP: "Where in for a good matchup the 9-7 Riders vs the 8-8 Riders." and fans thinking to themselves, "why do I even watch this stuff?" It would only make "OUR" leauge look really unprofessional, give them a new name with a fresh start like riflemen, renegades anything BUT Rough Rider hey pick the name if you want, but your gonna end up folding with in 10 years. There's only 1 Roughriders and its the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and hey I don't care if Ottawa had it first, Ottawa folded in the 90's. Saskatchewan has had there name for 100 years and hopefully for 100 more!!

Go (Saskatchewan) Roughriders Go!!!

I don't mind either way, I see it from both sides. On one end you want to preserve league heritage and fan pride. On the other hand, it will be costly to get the name back and the league will once again come across as oddball.

If you can't get Rough Riders, I'd like to see Riflemen. I can think of some sweet logos for that.

How about we worry about actually getting the team to exist first, eh? Does that sound logical to everyone?

THEN we can spend a bunch of time worrying about what those who DON'T support the CFL think. :roll:

Nothing wrong with the Rough Riders name, they were both in existence for a long time together. I know the Saskatchewan Roughriders will likely oppose the name as they have grown a popular brand and may see this as an infringement on it, but meh, it's fine by me.

Ottawa adopted the Rough Rider name in 1898, became the Senators in 1925, went back to the Rough Riders in 1931, and finally folded in 1996.

Regina adopted the Roughrider name in 1924 and has held it until 2010.

Ottawa held the name for 92 years. Saskatchewan has held the name for 86 years, not 100. Don't be so quick to dismiss their history when you don't entirely understand your own team's.

I would say that the name should go to both teams, but Jeff Hunt has stated that he's not sold on the "Rough Rider" name, so it may not even come to pass. I like his idea of holding one retro game per season with the Rider logo and name, I think it's a good compromise.

If you or other green rider fans have a problem with two similar names than ask your board of directors to change Saskatchewan's Name to Wheat Pickers or what ever else you do out there. I am getting sick of all these Roughrider fans thinking that they run the league and are entitled to everything since they finally have been in two grey cups in a decade. Ottawa held the name Rough Riders first. SEC football produces millions more in revenue than the CFL they have two teams named Tigers (LSU, AUBURN) in the same division and two teams named Bulldogs (Miss state, Georgia) Nobody there complains or thinks any less of the conference. Get over your inferiority complex and enjoy the CFL for what it is.

Amen to that ! Bring back the Ottawa Rough Riders with the big white "R". :cowboy:

I heavily support the Rough Riders name, however if the team can't get their name back. I would like to see a cool name like the Ottawa Redcoats or something like that.

I like the Redcoats! :cowboy:

???? what? another lame name that belongs in a by-gone era.
Come on let's have something exciting!!
There will be a naming contest over the next couple of years.

Way to go Ugo, comparing the CFL to amateur football.....

The days of the NCAA being amateur were over when the likes of Lloyd Carr, Barry Alvarez and Phillip Fulmer left, now it's not about the student athletes.


Sounds like "Rough Riders" will definitely NOT be coming back, at least on a regular basis. See 09:45 of this video:

[url=] ... clip323597[/url]


I have said this before... Don't bring back the Rough Rider name, don't expect my support.

I've read people in Baltimore who refuse to go to Ravens games because it's not the Colts anymore there. I can appreciate how people do really get worked up and emotional about history and what has happened with the teams, for sure.

I love(d) the Ottawa Rough Riders. I loved the White 'R' on a black helmet. I miss watching them play in the snow. Have no attachment to the RedCoats or anything else they may be called.

My money will stay in my pocket. I will also never buy anything to do with the Sask RR if they prevent the return of the Rough Riders to Ottawa..

[i]"The ownership group of Roger Greenberg, Bill Shenkman, John Ruddy and Hunt hasn’t yet decided if the Rough Riders name, with its mixed bag of baggage, will come back. Hunt has a thought on that.

“What if you had a new name, whatever that might be, but once a year you had a retro game, where you played as the Rough Riders in the traditional Rough Rider jersey?? Hunt said."

Read more: ... story.html[/i]

Would you go to one game per year for a team called the Rough Riders?

I don't know what to say guys, the R with Whit Tucker, Russ Jackson, Bo Scott etc. well pure magic to me is football in Ottawa and the Rough Rider name is pure magic with Canadiana. But Renegades were working with me, just too bad a local person from the Ottawa area didn't step up to the plate and work with the city but then was the city worth working with, unless it was hockey?? That's very unfortunate that someone in a big Canadian city with money couldn't stand up for their team and their city.

Very unfortunate as I say there. :?

Couldn't care less about Sens or the NHL, love the 67's and of course above all nothing like Canadian football.

If they go that route, and sell Rough Riders merchandise, I'll bet the R outsells whatever other name they come up with.