Don't bother with a suspension to Jimenez!

Once the season is over, it is over. If the CFL had any type of assertiveness or 'balls', they would have exercised it, sped through the process and handed out whatever punishment they felt was appropriate. Waiting until the season is over is just ridiculous. If they leave it to next year, it would be best to just leave it alone and start fresh next year.


Dont you mean Jimenez?

...dude, he's already served his suspension...I think you mean Jimenez...

My apologies. I am trying to watch the game and type at same time. Brain was not engaged to fingers. I will modify my post. Point still stands

As they pointed out in the pre game it was the arbitrator from ALberta that decided to wait until after season was over not the league.

The league didn't want him to get an extension.

At this particular point in time, I now realize I am the irrational, ignorant one who spews nonsense and garbage out my mouth. Sorry for being a swervinmervin.

I now withdraw my original post.

Regardless, I think you have a point. Waiting until after the season is over just makes the suspension completely irrelevant. Oh no, he can’t play in Week 1.

And that’s only if the suspension is upheld.

Honestly, where does the CFL get its arbitrators?

If the lions go on to win the cup I do agree the suspension should be removed. In order to have the punishment fit the crime and if the stamp players career is over this is what would fit ..

1 - Lions loose the next 2 First draft picks
2 - The Lions get to protect 12 players and then must expose the rest of the team. The stamps would get to pick 2 players.

That and in the off season they need to fix the policies governing discipline. This circus needs to never occur again. Not speaking to the hit but rather the process after the suspension is announced.

I wouldn't mind them losing 2 first round draft picks. The Pats lost one just for taping signals.

Of course, the problem with that is you're punishing the team as a whole.