Don't book the parade......yet.

This season is shaping up to be a momentum swing year for the Eskimos. We have come out of the free-agent frenzy with arguable the best offence and best defence players available. We also have history on our side with the Grey Cup being played in Calgary where we have won the big game 2 of the 3 times they held it. With all that going for us, it's not put all our eggs in one basket, we don't have to look to far east to know that you don't count your chickens during the of season.

Besides, this year is the year to build up the momentum for a run at winning the cup on home turf.

Then again, I may just be sitting in Mcmahon stadium cheering on my Eskimos in November. After all if we look at the Western domination of the Grey Cup over the last 5 years, (Esks, Lions, Riders, Stamps) it is our turn again in the rotation.

I'm curious how all these moves are going to pan out... I won't be making any predictions about this team until I see a few games. We have a tough start to the season: Winnipeg, @ Montreal, B.C., @ Saskatchewan, and Montreal.

I agree, I think I will wait until Labour Day to formulate and opinion. Lots to look forward to this year though. We might actually put a good product on the field.