Don't be to shocked...if the Cats win Friday...

It's been a tough year for the fans and players...
If I was a betting man...I would pick the Cats to win tommorrow night.
I'm sure the Stamps "think" they already have the 2 points from the game.
If Printers can get a little more time from the O-line, and with Jessie returning to the line up.
It just may not be the blow-out..that is expected.


No, I wouldn't be shocked...

Surprised...joyful...astounded...amazed...dumbfounded... YES...

I’d just be Thrilled with a Solid Effort.
a Win would be a Bonus

Shocked if the Cats win? Shocked just implies you get shocked and then wake up. It might be like hit over the head and go into a coma over the win and never wake up again. :slight_smile:


Is Lumsden playing?

SJRiley, I must say you are one of my favourite posters. I enjoy your optimism.

If Printers can be given some time to read and release (read the hoggies get to wear down the Stamps with some Jesse pounding)...then it will at least be competitive. We'll see.

Oski Wee Wee,

After the embarrassment of last week, I think the game will be more competitive. And that's all, frankly. I simply can't see Calgary losing until Burris has, as someone here so hilariously put it, one of his mental-health days.

Printers and Lumsden will make a big difference but the question is, "can they overcome a D which gives up 30+ points a game?" Burris is due for one of his 'mental health days' so I think the Cats can surprise and win. But it will take lots of points to do it.

An Argo-Cat fan

If the O Line can make the necessary blocks pick the bltiz - the receivers CATCH THE FRICKING BALL - RUN THE BALL DOWN Calgary's yap - The D - place some pressure on Burris - contain Godfrey Reynolds - no problem. Let's see what the BRAINTRUST have cooked up for this one...

In watching calgary the last few games, it looks like they are peaking. That being said, they just might have peaked too early. They could be in for a let down type of game but I wouldn't count on it. If the cats can catch them napping they just might eke out a win.

Well...I'm a Gambler!!!!

I'll be taking the TICATS to WIN!!!!

AND...I won't be surprised if they win!!!!

I won't be too disapointed if they don't win. The Ticats Are Due! BE THERE!!!!

Restore the Roar!!!!

One of these days (games this year, that is), the entire Ticat team will all show up and knock the stuffing out of their opponent.

The offense will be running on all cylinders, JL will get another 200 yds and 2 TDs, Printers will throw 3 or 4 TD passes, the special teams will score 1, either a blocked punt or a long return, and the defense will shut the opposition down to 2 or no TDs while scoring 1 on an interception return.

Yeah, I know, I am dreaming, what am I smoking, etc.
But it will happen.
To help, I have lifted the curse they have been playing under since they cut Iain Fleming.
You just gotta believe!!!!!

I knew there MUST have been a curse and now I know why. I was thinking we'd need to get one of Babe Ruth's relatives or a goat or perform and exorcism or something, but you just made it easy. :wink:

I knew there MUST have been a curse and now I know why. I was thinking we'd need to get one of Babe Ruth's relatives or a goat or perform and exorcism or something, but you just made it easy. :wink:
You have a choice - Baby Ruth
Ruth Westheimer (old goat)
If you can get either of them to walk 5 miles on a treadmill for exe(o)rcize it's a done deal. Just remember with whom you are dealing. See Robert Johnson.

Best post I've read on here in ages. LMAO!!! I'll see what I can do.

Hey when we played the mighty Blue Bombers at home we kicked the stuffing our of can happen!! Thats what keeps me coming back...that and the fact that in this crazy wonderful league a 1 and 10 team is not yet eliminated and has the real potential to come back in 08 and win.
I have been sitting in that damn stadium for 35 years now and I will never stop believing that a new Mosca will destroy an opposing QB, a new Champion will make an impossible catch, a new Zambiazi will smack a RB into next week and a new Sunter will split the uprights for a Grey Cup win.....go Cats go!!!

Since 1980 when I started going to Professional Sporting events, I have attended 68 games. The record for those 68 games is:

Home team - 68 wins, zero losses.

The last event I attended was Hamilton vs calgary when Mr. Meiers kicked a game winning field goal for the good guys on the last play of the game.

Thanks to the good people in the END ZONE GAZEBO I will be in attendance.

Here comes win #2 or the end of a perfectly good streak.


The Bassman


If they don't win it my be air lift time.