Don't be surprised........if Chang becomes the new # 1

Yea I know it's early.........
But from what I've read from not only the folks here on the forum, but even from what Charlie is saying, this young very, very, good.
If the running game is going to be something we see a lot more of...taking away the pass rush...and opening up the Defence for the long pass completion.
Then this young guy....may just shock the hell out of all of us....and make the starting QB spot.
The first big test will be in a few weeks...under real game conditions against the Bombers.
Not only for Chang..... but also much more for Mass.
I think the bigger question is...will Jason be able to come back... after last season's "nightmare"
One thing is for sure.....the answer is not far off.

I don’t think its possible at this time even if he looks fantastic in pre-season. They have to give him time to develop. If Maas falters or is injured then they bring him in temporarily but if Maas can’t get the job done they will trade for a QB with CFL experience.

Remember last year at this time everyone was talking about Eakin battling Maas for the starters job and how great Josten looked as a backup.

I think its Maas’s job to lose and he won’t lose it during training camp. My guess is that they’ll give him a couple of games to see if he can rekindle the spark from his Edmonton days. If he can’t, then all bets are off and Chang is as good as you’ve got on the depth chart. For sure, he’s your QB of the future.

An Argo-Cat fan

Timmy has Looked Solid in Workouts.
But So Has Maas .

The Black and Gold Game will be Very Telling.
But Preseason games are Live Bullets.
That will Tell the Story of who is our 07 Starting QB to Start with atleast.

Bottom line is that I'll trust the staff to make the right decision on who is the starting QB based on PERFORMANCE and not on anything else.

So, Maas starts if he shows he DESERVES to start, and not just because he was #1 last year or because he played great in Edmonton a few years back;

King starts if he shows he DESERVES to start, and not just because he was an NFL QB;

Butler starts if he shows he DESERVES to start, and not just because the team traded 2 players to get him;

Williams and Chang start if they show they DESERVE to start, not because of their college resumes.

In other words, no preconceived biases in favour of or against any one of them, equal pratice and exhibition game time, and MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.

Yes, we are in a different situation somewhat obviously compared with Montreal where they could tell someone like Palmer that he is, no questions asked, not the starter to begin the season since Calvillo has had years of back to back success.

I think when Chang plays an actual game,
it will show his weaknesses.
He's not as good as he looks.
I would put MAAS and KING ahead of him.
even possibly Williams.


I think Chang shows promise, the only problem I've seen with him is that he takes a little too long to get the ball off. I think crowning him the starter is a little premature, but anything is possible. I think each of the QB's has shown they have talent and it's going to be a very tough decision. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make it.

Hear hear borehamgirl; but it's a nice problem for the staff to have isn't it? Been awhile since Hamilton has had an embarrasment of riches at the QB position.........maybe not really since the days of Faloney, Cosentino, and Zuger (oops, dating myself again).

Yes, MJ it is a refreshing change to have too many good QB's to choose from...

I think the most likely scenario here is that if things keep progessing the way they are, Maas will start the season as #1, Chang will be #2 (learning from Maas during the season and playing if Maas stinks or gets injured), and Butler will be #3 (he won't mind because he was #3 in Saskatchewan. Williams will be put on the PR, and King will be released because he will want to play, not be a backup.

I really think Chang is the Ticat QB of the future, though. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's our starter by next year (especially if Ham finds some other young promising QB talent to replace Maas).

Its hard to get rid of a fan favourite QB even if he does leave a little to be desired, perfect example Danny Mac. The fans loved him, the ones I talked too anyway. They had a lot of faith in him and when he went to the Stamps they were upset.

The good thing about the Cats current situation is that the majority of fans seem to have a sour taste in their mouth about Maas after the abismal season he had last year. So if you wanted to put in a new QB for a lower price you could do it without little resistance from fans.

But Maas is playing well (from what I hear).
I like him and hope he stays #1 and comes back into form. If Chang is impressing the coaching staff he will stick around. I am sure he will become Maas' understudy like others above have posted. But with no CFL experience I can guarentee that this season he will not see snaps as a #1 QB...Training camps and real games are 2 different things..Marcus Brady showed great promise when he came here and he faltered large in game situations..

I think maas problem last year was the injury and the BALL. Now that they have gone back to the old one ,he should be fine.

Chang will not be the #1 to start the season. End of Story.

One thing you have to say about Maas, and correct me if I'm wrong anyone (I know you will :wink: ) is that I don't remember him speaking negatively about anyone, always has taken the high road and put the blame on himself. True? I like that.

The most succinct analysis here, I believe. Unless Maas totally tanks in the preseason or is hurt, he will be the starter going into the season. Be that as it may, also know that Charlie -- as his experience in Montreal demonstrated -- will expect Jason and his backup(s) to help each other out. If Chang is in that mix as #2, he will be groomed and will get playing time. The experience with Ham and Calvillo in Montreal is instructive here.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think you are correct Earl. Ultimate team player; how many QBs who were first string on their team would behave the way he did when Ricky Ray came back from the NFL and took his job? Not a peep out Maas, he was a very loyal backup to Ray. The guy has class.

You know Mad, let's just say he gets beat out fair and square by another qb and is backup and the team say's publicly that this shoulder isn't 100 percent or whatever even if it is. Maas will still be all class. Sure, he will still make the money in the contract but you would have to know his pride might be hurt but I still think he wouldn't say anything negative.

Stepping aside is noble, but classy isn’t swearing at the fans that pay your salary.

Ya I think Maas will probably be the starter coming out of camp with Chang as Number Two. Both have looked good in camp (at least the day that I managed to have off work).

Though, one thing that really impressed me about Chang is his ability to throw that ball with accuracy. Unlike Maas, his ball is tight and has alot of zip on it. Maas' throw still has some wobble in it although it is on target.