Donovan McNABB

If the Eagles Offense struggles at the beginning of the year will Fat Andy finally replace him for Kevin Kolb? I also think this team needs a proven #1 receiver because last year was embarressing! Brian Westbrook can't do everything!!! jeez!!!!

Anyway if the offense struggles wil Fat Andy replace D. Mac like he should have last year!?

E! A! G! L! E! S! Eagles!!!!!
Super Bowl champions.............some day :cry:

Nobody should replace Donovan McNabb on that team.

Im gonna have to agree with Jman. D-Mac's a straight PIMP!


As an Eagles fan, I would be extremely disappointed.

WOW!! was I wrong!! I thought the offense would struggle this season, and so far they look like a beast!! D Mac is back and healthy and if he can stay healthy this entire season, the Eagles will go deep in the playoffs.

Go Birds!

See, Jman knows his Eagles.

Ya, I guees you do!!

Everybody's so concerened about the loss to the Cowboys and I have to wonder what there is to worry about, if it wasnt for that fumbled exchange we would have gone up by more and probably won.

PS: DeSean Jackson is amazing!!!!!

There fixedit for you :wink:

lol. Don't worry he won't do that again. The more I think about it I think it is good that he started dancing because it seemed to make the Cowboys think he had scored. Westbrook better thank him for the rushing TD he got on the next play.

O and another thing that fumbled exchange was supposed to be a fake reverse McNabb said he tried to sell it a little too much.

Yes he did the right thing by not going after the ball. But I think it is Jackson who should be thanking Westbrook for that TD lol

OMG!!! OK I was just reading some articles about the game online, sure Donovan didn't light it up in the second half, but here is this guy writting about how on 4th & 17 McNabb dumped it underneith. That was a designed play you idiot!! People are never happy.

It pisses me off. Donovan had a great game in my eyes. I predict a win next week against the Steelosers!

Here is the article ... a9a2f.html.

If you scroll down to the bottom you'll see McNabb's career stats at Texas Stadium monday was his second best rating ever!

Yesterday he started 15-15 wow!! He has a little injury to his chest though. Hope he's gonna be OK!! Thumbs up to the defence also. 8 sacks? I think. Glad we got the win.