Donovan Carter

Okay Als' fans, what do we think of this signing? Here are three options, which one do you think is most likely to play out?

Option #1: backs up at safety and outside linebacker;

Option #2: starting safety;

Option #3: starting outside linebacker, replacing Butler (who the staff seemed to sour on late in the year, as he lost his starting spot to D'Wayne Taylor).

Whichever option it may be, he'll likely see a lot of time on special teams.

Personally I kind of like option #1; I'd like to see Proulx and Boulay fight it out for safety, and while I recognize Carter is Canadian and thus helps the ratio, my preference is Butler and Strickland at OLB.

I think i've heard of him already, not sure though? Is he any good? Worth a 2 year contract?

5th team in 7 years does not speak highly of him

my big question is:

when did he become a free agent!!! as far as i knew he was still under contract to the Bombers…

but with the Als, i suspect he will mostly see back up and special teams time (barring injuries)

He was released by the Bombers this afternoon, he lives in the Ottawa area and wanted to play closer to home. He will be missed, steady player, not too flashy anymore but steady.

Unless he has a huge training camp, MadJack, I agree that he's best suited to backup the OLB and safety positions. But I would definitely be comfortable with him in the starting safety spot if that's how they wanted to go. Sure, he doesn't have Boulay's wheels, but he's got the experience.

I agree. He is coming in for backup and special teams work.

Carter was released because he is useless, what a waste of a signing!!!

haha nice said i agree 100%!!!!!!!!!LOL