,,,,Donovan Alexander...released by riders???

..... Alexander NI db who is a local Wpg. kid..... rumoured to have been released today by the riders( from a rider fan in the know) WE SHOULD GET ON IT...i believe we can claim him on waivers as we have first shot (4 wins gets you that priority :thdn: )..If in fact Donovan has been released.....bring him home Mr. Mac :thup: ...


Yes papazoola, D. Alexander has been released.

Wow ! they paid two second round picks to pick him up and they bail on him. If that's not buyer beware,I don't know what is ....

i think he got released because calvillo picked on him on the july 1st game, id bring him in. sometimes, all these guys need are a change of scenery and a chance to play in your hometown, im sure that would light a fire under anyones butt.. bring him in.. 1 he's canadian, 2 he can play sp teams, 3, he can backup db, 4. he's local.

those are all reasons to bring him in... but i wouldnt break the bank on him, dont think anyone would but cuz he is from wpg and im a fan of teams who bring in local players.. look at all the sask kids on the riders, i think we'd be silly not to atleast give him a training camp shot.

D. Alexander has been signed/added to The Eskimos roster as per their website. Article is also posted in the CFL forum under free agents thread.

.....too bad we didn't go after him a little harder....Heavy price tag from what i'm hearing....Tilman strikes again :wink: I would venture to say he's going hard after any ni that walks and that he's trying to land Bauman....I think we might fool ol foxy red on this one though...He's got to start watching his 'coin' now...He's also rumoured to be going after Hefney...Mack better keep an eye on this guy...It's time to play hardball :wink:

I think it is funny that Ricky Ray's rollback is going to sign guys like Alexander :slight_smile:

...you're right hfxtc....never thought of it that way...I wonder how many more 'walmart' moves ol Eric will pull off before the tires start spinning....He's a crafty wheeler and dealer :roll: