Donnelly Signs with Bombers!

Good for him! Glad to see a local boy is being picked up! Here's hoping he makes the team!

Huge loss - Another Blunder left by Marcel D, should have locked this guy up in 2007, or made a trade, -"Donnelly dressed for all 18 regular season games for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2007, marking the third straight season he dressed for every regular season contest for the Tabbies."


No great loss, IMHO.

Good for him.
But there's lots more where that came from for Ham.

hang on snoopy- Donaly is Another player Tabbies have brought along, Now gone for nothing in return, not a good way to build a winner Imho now Obie has to replace a vet lineman, :roll:

I'm shocked at the amount of people that are judging Obie before training camp, let alone the season has started. This is a new regime, why do people feel that when we let go players, it's a bad thing. We were the WORST team in the league. We went 3-15. We needed CHANGE. Losing someone like Donnelly, is not a big deal. Not a good way to build a winner? Obviously we weren't winner's last year - when Donnelly was on the team. He's a back-up player at best.

Good for Ryan. I like him. Always have. He's a great guy and yes he DID start in games for us.

I don't get why people have to trash these guys after they are released. He was a great asset to the community and a team player and he gave his all.

Good luck to him.

BG - he was a decent back-up DT, and nothing more. While he might be an amazing guy, he WAS a backup on the worst team in the league.

We needed CHANGE. Losing someone like Donnelly, is not a big deal. Not a good way to build a winner? Obviously we weren't winner's last year - when Donnelly was on the team. He's a back-up player at best.
So let's keep cutting starters and depth players and then get excited about signing hmmm depth players and other teams cast offs.

I'm all for giving Obie a chance, but I won't like what I'm seeing, until I see something I like. :roll:

...never be shocked at the opinions on this board. I'll only come in here now to get my dose of negativity by most. Ticat fans may be "the best fans of the CFL" but they are the most blinded by their own opinions....especially when most are a bunch of armchair quarterbacks.
They also play the damned if you do / damned if you don't, minute they love the player next minute they throw him under the bus......a really tuff crowd.......of armchair quarterbacks


To be clear , i think Obie inherited the Donnelly situation from Marcel, I confident O B can find a Replacement for Doolally, Obie has made some good personnel moves Already and more on the way :thup:

Donnelly was a good guy but sadly is not good enough!Neverless knowing how things work he will overacheive this year and win the greycup!His picture will be on front page like Flick was, and we will feel bad again.LMAO

First of all, Ryan Donnelly never played a single down on defence; he was strictly a backup OG & OT who had the opportunity to start a few games over the years. I agree that he does not represent a big loss on the field, but every time he got a chance to play I really admired Ryan's toughness. As an undersized O-Lineman he battled from the snap of the ball to the whistle ( and sometimes beyond ) on every play. He didn't back down from anyone.

I thought he was a decent backup player. He was part of our short yardage package as well, and contributed on special teams too. I suspect that Obie gave him a chance to stay in Hamilton if he was willing to take a pay cut . . . oh well . . .

Good Luck Ryan.

I felt the same way.

I have always viewed Ryan Donnelly as an under-appreciated, versatile, "anything-for-the-team" kind of guy. He was guts personified, and character in spades. He was a monster. He could snap a ball like few others. I don't think he was ever given his full due as a player. I wish him nothing but success in all he attempts. I will miss his intensity and quality. Ryan, you were a TIGER-CAT!

Well said, but how dare you give an ex-Ticat (or even a current one) credit around here. We went 3-15 so that has to mean that everyone must go and nobody was any good. :wink:

Just because he wasn’t a regular starter doesn’t mean he didn’t contribute.

I think what everybody is forgeting is that what OBIE is trying to do is change the 'culture' of Ticat football. I am sad to see Donnelly go, and yes, he was a valuable asset as a backup, and snapper.
But what Obie wants to do ( I am basing this on my understanding of what he said in the videos) - is to field a Team, such that a Ticat BACKUP is ONLY a Backup because there is someone ahead of him on the depth chart. But put this Backup on any other Team in the CFL, he would be a starter.
THESE are the kind of Backups Obie wants.
And with that, I'm O.K. with this kind of move....
The Eagle - - - :thup: :thup: :thup:

We don't need anymore Canadian OL. We have 2 young and talented guys in Dyakowski and Gagne-Marcoux who were able to start their first year in the league. Donnelly has been here for 5 years and is not a starter. Why pay a veteran back up when you have a young Canadian starter. Good move letting him go!

Good luck to Ryan! I hope he excels and makes all of us eat our words.