Donnelly and Karikari released

No surprise here.

Guess we'll be looking for a new long snapper.

Karikari seemed to have lost a step.

Robichaud is the long snapper.

I thought Robichaud was our long snapper; when he was doing it he was the best in the CFL in terms of speed and accuracy in getting back to the P or holder.

It would seem that Obie and maybe our coaches have been looking closely at game films of last year's DBs - we resigned 2 and cut one. I hope Beveridge is the next signing.

Donnelly was the long snapper for field goals and extra points. So I guess that would really make him the medium snapper.

At 6'5" hes a big snapper. :oops:

Too bad for Ryan no Surpise Richard is gone

i was kinda surprised that donnelly made the team last season after being on the team for 5 years he should be a starter not a full time backup so not a surprise that he was let go this year

Same can be said for Beveridge who seems to be a fan favourite recently.

Karikari's skills sure went south in a hurry apparently. No serious knee injury or anything either. Puzzling.

I heard a couple of years ago Donnelly had bad knees, must have been some truth to it.

Richard will end up with someone, on much reduced salary but he is not done.

Okay, I know I'm new. So, is getting rid of the kicker a good thing or not. If he is leaving who will be a good replacement.....The kicking game is really important in the NFL, but I get confused with Canadian ball, when you get extra points either for kicking the ball, or going in the end zone, or the other team scores and the other team gets a point #$&%* It's crazy to try and figure out how those things I named off can confuse ya. Help me out fellow board members.

Robichaud for punts.

Donnelly for field goals and converts.

Most of what you need to know is available online, heres a couple

A kicker was not released, a DB and an OL were.

IIRC 'Donnelly' was the answer to the trivia question - Who is the longest serving active ticat player. I even think they tried that question out as a multiple choice at one of the home games last season....

Am I right? Is this 6 year player our longest serving active ticat? Click here to refresh your memory.

Secondly - who is now the longest serving active ticat, if all the ticats on the roster return? Click here for a seven year player, but he has been announced as 'retired'.

Oskee Wee Wee


Maybe the simplest way to get a handle on the "rouge" or single point is to remember that in Canadian football a kicked ball is live even if it goes into the end zone. The defending team has to receive the ball (unless it goes through the zone) and do something with it. They can either return it out of the end zone (either by running it out or even punting it back out), or else give up a point by failing to do so or by conceding it. A successful field goal is actually the exception to this, where the kicking team is rewarded for its accurate placekick.

Good hunting Dan. We don't have a lot of long serving "Career Cats" that's for sure. For us, four or five years' service really does seem to qualify you for veteran leadership.

I was surprised looking at the roster to see that JoJuan Armour is/was the oldest player on the team.

He has not announced his Retirement
I did Speak with Pascal Before the end of last Season.
He was talking about Hanging up the Helmet and Pads

He is Working as French Immersion Teacher in Hamilton. He is hoping to Spend Time with Young and Expanding Family.
If dose not Come back I wish him luck in the real world.