Done with the NFL?

Just wondering. Given the Ezekiel Elliott sitchy how many who were outraged last week are done with the NFL. Especially some media types.

He got 6 games correct? Seems light but i dont know the whole story.. I only follow the Giants

Or are you drawing a comparison to the Briles situation?

I doubt many at all, maybe some in Dallas.
It's like saying how many were outraged and done with the CFL by what happened with the Briles.

NFL TV ratings were down last year but that has more to do with things like cord cutting and more young people watching on their phones and tablets. Streaming games can't be calculated for TV ratings.

Ah, but how many would have been outraged and done with the league (or at least the team) had the Ticats gone through with hiring him? I know there was plenty of outrage after the initial announcement, although how many of those who stated they were through with the leagueor team would have followed through is unknown.

I think that's the point that the OP was getting at, given the similarities in the situations. The outrage over the Briles hiring was much higher than that for the Elliott suspension postponement. In fact, has there been any outrage over Elliott being allowed to play in the season opener, let alone being on the Cowboys roster at all?

Perhaps we just have higher standards for the CFL than we do for the NFL? Certainly, the CFL itself seems to have higher standards than the NFL over who can play or coach in the league.

What did briles exactly do?

Exactly. There are a lot of allegations of what he did, or more importantly what he didn't do. But so far, that's all they are, allegations. The only damning evidence I've seen was the implication behind his lawyer's statement that he was just thrown way too much money to get things done, with no restrictions.Was that an admission of guilt? Not exactly, but it's close.