Done like DINNER!!!!!!

I missed todays Labour Day Classic and glad I did because the result of the score 32-14 in favor of the Argo-Snots once again would only add salt to a badly played 2007 season. Once again I see we played the back up QB Jason Maas, the back up from Edmonton flown in to be a starter in Hamilton for $350,000 per year and he has played like crap since arriving.

The fans are not to blame as one thread asks, but the team and management certainly are. We would have been beter off as a team if we had started Timmy Chang earlier in the year and had given him the time to develop as I asked before, than stick around with Jason Maas but our coaches seem to love the guy for some reason and probably will sign him to a new contract next year and Chang will never see a starting role in Hamilton????

Leadership is the hallmark of any team we don't have it, period. From Coach Taafe to Jason Maas there is no leadership on the field, Zeke Morano and Nick Setta provide more leadership than our starting QB that's pretty bad, that's why I say this team is DONE LIKE DINNER!!! See you guys in 2008 or sometime later when we might have a team.

go leafs go