Done...but what a great year!

Marcel learned a lot today I think, he was out coached but the guys didn't let up on him despite his game plan and overall coaching inferior to Buono and the Leos. He's young and has the respect of the players and organization and this bodes well for the future of this team. Injuries hurt the team as well, we don't have a legit return man and this cost us.

Yes,you had a very successful year as compared to the last few. I'am not here to throw stones, you know how it feels to get burned by a former Qb just like Winnipeg did last week. You have a young exciting team and you're only going to get better! Keep you're heads up because I believe the only direction your team is headed is up! With any luck our two teams will both be competitive next year or I should really say,your's will and I'am hoping mine will be also so that we can all enjoy some very exciting games against each other. You should all be very proud of your Ti-Cats this year! Hat's off to you Hamilton!!

Cheers, TheScotsman

I was as heartbroken as anyone by this loss, but I am so proud of this team. They surpassed my expectations and it was absolutely amazing to be sitting in IWS watching playoff football. Things didn't go the way they should have, but nobody felt it more than those players. They played their hearts out and I couldn't have asked any more from them. They played some very exciting football and for the first time in a long time, I can say that I am very optimistic about next season.

Thanks to all the players and the coaches for such a huge turnaround and for all the hard work. I appreciate what you have all done on the field and in the community and I hope to see everyone back next year.

Ok, well it wasn't a great season, compared to what we've seen in Tiger-Town this year this year was really something special. We had a competitive team in Tiger-Town, that was competitive almost every game. We had the maximum number of home games we could have had, and were competitive right down to the very end. I would like to thank the two Bob's and coach Marcel. Instead of dwelling on the negatives we should be proud and hold our heads up high, football is back in Tiger-Town, and it is only going to get better.

Here Here!! 8)

2nd here, here.

Only one complaint though.

While the crowd was very loud and frenzied today, it could have been louder.

Way too many times I had people around me - while BC was on 2nd down - sitting on their butts instead of standing up and yelling. They were cheering, but it was more like a 7 out of 10 effort. The end of the game we got the 10/10ths from the fans.

Still, great game and great season.

It was a great come back season. I said that if we at least went 9-9 and made the playoffs, especially hosting a playoff game, then I can't complain - and I won't.

If you have to go out, that's how you go out - fighting tooth and nail to the end. I am very proud of our team. I was disappointed that they didn't get a standing ovation from the fans after the game. They deserved it. I guess some will only see that we lost this game and call it the "same old Ti-Cats." Oh well. I'll be getting season tickets next year.

Thank you to the Ti-Cat players, coaches and management for a thrilling season!

Great job by the whole organization through all our ups and downs this year. As much as the fans are disappointed in losing today I can only imagine how the players and coaches feel. They left it all out on the field today. I am optimistic about next year. It'll be an even better season, I know it.

Thank you again for a tremendous season we can all be proud of.

Yes we lost some games...but the Ticats won more this year then they have in other years.
Yes we lost this game...but we got to see a playoff game this season and boy does this team show potential for next year.
Yes the stadium wasn't sold out...but damn was this crowd loud!!! Great job everyone.
Yes it was our last tailgate of the year...but it too was the best, very cool to see Lot J so full!

Thanks to the Bob, Obby, Marcel, Greg, the coaching staff and the players for making this year better then the past.
It was awesome to see great Hamilton Tiger Cat football being played in Ivor Wynne Stadium again!

Thanks for a great year, and for those I won't see in Calgary, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
See you in Lot J in 2010!!!

Jare :cowboy:

Nice post Jare!

My thoughts exactly.

I too thank the Tiger Cats for an amazing season. I had the best time cheering them along as the 13th man and can't wait to do it again next year! I love this team so much. Way to go boys, you may have missed this one, but you still did us all proud. Enjoy your off season and we'll see you in 2010!

After the two point convert all the fans around me went insane and started slapping high fives.Loud as hell.Was nice to see :smiley:

LOL I couldn't stop shaking after that,my heart was thumping lol.
I'm still kind of on an adrenaline rush lol.

Pet peeve for me is that a lot of people didn't bother making noise until Printers was under centre. Would have liked to see people making noise as soon as play was whistled in, or better yet as soon as B.C. got back in the huddle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, people often seemed to treat 2nd and short for B.C. as a gimme, whereas a procedure call can make all the difference in the world in those situations...

The noise thing is cool, however there were two problems were I was sitting.
First there was no point in making any noise until the music stopped.
Second I was horse by the 3rd quarter and I was conserving any noise I had left for the end.
Doc 8)

Is the team going to get a parade?
Or is it only when you win the cup?

The Hamilton Tigercats gave us year we have havent seen for many years.This year was a year of hope and change and prosper for a team that seemed to hyave non a year ago. This year this team lost some games where they almost won and made alot teams work for pay when they played them. Yes this season didnt end up with a grey cup championship but I myself have alot more hope for the years ahead with some of these young good players we have here now and are coming here next year. The Hamilton Tigercat players should not be ashamed for thier loss to B.C but take this as one lesson for next year wen we add some more weapons to this already promicing team to take that next big step in B.C next year!

They should have something, but I doubt they will.The players are probably dying to pack up their lockers and get back to their home towns.I know I would be.Well, I do live in Hamilton but still :lol:


Great season we will build on this next year look out :thup: