Done...but what a great year!

Tons of positives, can’t wait for training camp. :thup:

We've come a long way and I'm looking forward to next year.

Yes, thank you Ticats. It may be disappointing to lose the division semi-final game. But this was a big improvement over 3-15, and at least that last game was in our house, and was an entertaining one that went into OT.

Thanks again, Ticats.

It was a great year, incredibly disapointing end however. Hopefully they don't split up the team and lose too many key players

Congratulations to the Ticats on an exciting and good year.

I agree. I'm very happy with our season, and look forward to better things next year.

Yes, thank you for a very entertaining and encouraging season.

Vastly improved from last year. Incredibly entertaining game today. Can't imagine how disappointed the players et all must feel but I echo the sentiments of others, thank you Tiger-Cats, being a fan is exciting again. Looking forward to an Eastern final at Ivor Wynne next year and the Grey Cup the week after that!

Here's to an all cats Grey Cup next year! Cheers guys!

I agree...

This team had a good year,not a great year.We do have alot to build on,but we have alot of deficiencies to work on.In light of the last 4 years thuogh,I can't complain...

Of all the CFL games I have watched this loss has tugged at my heart strings the most. I fell in love with the Tiger-Cats. The best thing I ever did was become a Hamilton fan this year--and it's for keeps.

I confess that I am disappointed, really down but I love this team. To the fans that have been there for them through thick and thin I am thinking of you especially. How heart breaking this loss must be. But if anything this game (and season) has just wetted my appetite for more Tiger-Cat football.

I am very proud of the Hamilton Tiger-Cat organization--all of it and that includes the other fans. This is tough. But I tell you plainly that I will be at Ivor Wynne again and again. It is my football home now and I do not want it any other way.

Thank you Hamilton. You have no idea how much pleasure you have given me. See you next year at Ivor Wynne.

With my warmest greetings to you all,

Michael Jay

Definately our best year in a while. I see bigger and better things next season.

It was a good year and an interesting one for sure. Hopefully we are able to keep the key core intact, that's my biggest fear right now.


Tiger-Cat pride...I am glad that I discovered it this year. So many reasons to be proud of our boys.

My car flag will stay flying until it freezes solid!

Thank you Tiger-Cats. What a pleasure it has been meeting and cheering for you.


Yes, thanks Ticats.

It's funny, we lost the game, I'm a little disappointed, but I don't really feel a letdown. We had a great season, we came back through adversity in this important game, and BC's playoff experience was the key IMHO.

I can't wait til next year.

PS... the best and most enthusiastic crowd I've ever seen at IWS (course I'm just a young guy), even better then Labour Day. When we tied the game, it was MAYHEM!!

Thank you Ticats you restored pride to our city, great year tough loss see everyone in June.

p.s. I said before the game if we were going to lose it would be because Buono's smart and realizes our weakness is our defensive secondary and he ripped us apart Buono truly is the greatest CFL coach kudos to the Lions organization.

I'm not so young a guy, but I fell just the same. The Cats have crossed the generation gap.
I hope you have a lifetime of Tiger-Cats memories to equal mine.

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m rally young, I’m 28, and do have plenty of memories. But my baby son will see a great era of Ticat fotball.

Great season, great game, great atmosphere.....kudos to the coaches and players on such an entertaining game. Our secondary was exposed - likely the only spots that may be up for grabs next year are the corners and a kick/punt returner.

Thanks to the Ticat coaches, players and the whole organization for their efforts in producing a good, entertaining season that almost became a great season. Keep working at it the way you did this year and that great season may come soon.