Donate to the "Keep Nick Setta fund"

Nick Setta has played 4 games in the CFL and he's already shown that he's a GREAT player. Not a good player with promise... a GREAT player with the sky as his limit.

That being said...

We have him next year and then he's in his option and the NFL can snap him up.

So lets start a fund for him right now. We can all donate a few dollars for the next 2 years and try to raise enough money to keep him in the CFL.

We can take all the money that has been raised and go to Vegas and put it all on black! (because Wesley Snipes said always bet on black). We'll double the money and give it all to Nick as a "please, please, please stay in the CFL" gift.

Good idea? :smiley:

I am sure the Ticats will Redo his contract be for his option year.

gives $10

donates 78 cents in Canadian Tire money, and $1.05 Pioneer bonus bucks

where do i send my cash..