Donate Season Tickets

Does anyone know if theres some way to donate a pair of season tickets to some handicapped people or anything like that? I see some kids that go to hockey games here ( Kelowna) . They get escorted by a care giver. Id like to support my team but being in Kelowna its hard to go all the time, and since I watch all the games on TV for free it just seems right.

I dont know who to contact but I would try the Lions head office in Surrey and see if they could help.

I hear an advertisment for tickets going to kids. Its called "Kids up Front". You can donate tickets and they distrbute them among the less fortunate.

Try this web link

Thanks thats great. Tax deductable too.

Also, try Big Brothers. Argofan4life reminded me that they will take tickets as well!

Kids up front havent got back to me yet. Missed out on the West Final.