Donate CFL tickets to Underprivileged Youth

Pinball and the Argos started this and I thought it deserves mention.

Every team should set this up on their web site under “Tickets” “Donate”.

I think it is a great way to give back, support youth and support the teams. I will do it. Here is the article below.

CFL should get behind this as I can’t see a downside.

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“The Argos have also set up a mechanism for anyone who wants to donate the tickets they purchase to underprivileged youth in the Toronto community. To take advantage of this offer, please contact Melissa Robinson at or 416-341-2787.”

It's a great idea that I hope people will take advantage of, and I hope the process is made even more user friendly by adding the option of an online form and confirmation process that is less cumbersome and time consuming and more secure than emails and phone calls.

I am actually considering buying a couple of tickets to an Argo game and donating them, but I would rather be able to do that immediately when I purchase them, since I have no intention of ever using them myself. Phone calls and emails after the fact are better than nothing — unless I'm being asked to send credit card or other confidential information via an insecure method. A secure web form would provide a better record of the transaction, and expedite the process.

The Lions have the kids for $5 option. They could encourage adults to pay the $5 and take an underprivileged youth.

well thats nice I guess...
" Buy a ticket and give it to an underprivileged kid"

Have a bit more resonance if the Argos did something on this front on their own dime perhaps.

You don't see the Jays thinking about underprivileged kids. If the Jays do anything, they have to have ROGERS banners splashed all over the place!

Thought we were talking about the Argos.

With the long waiting list for tickets to BMO, the Argos can't afford to give away tickets to underprivileged kids. Imagine how upset the thousands of people waiting to pay good money for Argos tickets would feel.

Seriously, though, it would be a positive for the organization to offer to match donations from the public, or something along those lines.

Oh your mean.

They do.

[url=] ... wer-youth/[/url]

Argo will donate 2.00 for every ticket sold for June games to the Pinball Clemons foundation.

Nice initiative, but I wonder if the Argos owners realize how much this is going to cost them--probably dozens if not hundreds of dollars!

Making jokes about charitable initiatives. Very classy guys.