Donald Trump wants to buy Bills, keep them in Buffalo

Rogers isn't even interested anymore from what I can see, no one mentioning them in the mix.

Enough said as you'd think with Phil Lind having orgasms with the thought of the NFL in Toronto permanently, Rogers would be all over this in the media. Nada.

Personally speaking, MLSE is desperate in some sort of way trying to acquire the Bills. The way I see it and having to do so with someone like Bon Jovi who is anything but cool these days in the music biz.

Signed: Jon Bongiovi
Bon Jovi is over rated, you would have to pay me to listen to one of his songs, and BTW Trump is OK, folks that do dump on him do so mostly because they are libs.
But funny thing is this, Trump is not even really a true Conservative, I only wish he was, but he is OK
same folks that dump on Trump, just hate good Conservatives , they think that Trump is a Conservative
BTW I have been around here over many years and I know the reg crowd here are about as liberal as they come
I just want the filthy Bills out of Toronto and their NFL
Bills had 2 good years 1998 and 1999, if they only had not signed Rob Johnson they would have had at least 1 Flutie led SuperBowl, perhaps multiple SB`s 1998, 1999,2000
Must be his politics, not that he is a huckster, egomaniac buffoon. I give him credit for building a profitable brand, but his politics play nothing in my dislike for him. And, as for his politics, being a "birther" is far more telling then whether he is a conservative, true(?) or not.

Earl - Bon Jovi is not cool in the music biz these days?

I think the over 2.4 million people who bought tickets to his 2013 sold out 'Because We Can' World Tour might disagree with you somewhat. Gross revenue from ticket sales for those concerts over $247 million dollars last year.

In this country alone in 2013 Bon Jovi sold out 4 shows at the ACC in Toronto, 3 shows at the Bell Centre in Montreal and shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Ottawa. Those twelve shows attracted over 203,000 Canadians with gross ticket sales of over $21.5 million for those Canadian shows.

I wouldn't exactly call that 'not cool'.

Travel, people say the CFL isn't cool in s Ontario because the fan base is old like me. Believe me, that's exactly Bon Jovi's fanbase, it's not young people.

Now that being said, us baby boomers around 60 or so do have some clout with the recreational spending of monies, that I agree with. Many young intelligent smart people are working at FreshCo to make ends meet. And we, baby boomers, aren't all dead yet and that matters. Another 25 years or so, it's a different story what's going on. But I'll be dead or in an old age home where few people could care less about me. I know that.

Bon Jovi sells a lot of tickets, so did the Backstreet Boys, it's got nothing to do with the quality of music. McDonalds sells a lot of burgers too. Bon Jovi has built a career on nice hair and a good smile. His music is lame-o. The word "cool" has never been associated with Mr. Bon Jovi.

The debate was not quality, just popularity.

But it could well be argued that Bon Jovi is more popular than say Ted Rogers was or Ralph Wilson, both of whom I doubt the younger generation would have regarded as "cool" except for their wealth.

No he's not. Donald Trump is buying the bills like he's running for the presidency or he's offering money for Obama's birth certificate. Trump just likes to keep his name in the headlines as free advertising for his TV show. Nothing more.

I think the fact that there doesn't seem to be a shortage of suitors for the Bills, many of whom have no intention of moving the team and thus won't draw the ire of the vicious lease agreement the Bills have with the State of New York I think speaks to me that the franchise isn't going anywhere.

Anyone know if Rogers is submitting a bid? I see Phil Lind is retiring, the brainchild of the Bills in Toronto series so maybe with his retirement, there isn't the motivation on Rogers' part to buy the Bills, I don't know.

The LA Clipper sale of $2 bill potentially means the Bills will cost someone more to buy them according to this article. Not $2 bill as the article mentions, Buffalo isn't the LA media machine but maybe over a billion now.

[url=] ... ills-price[/url]

Earl , I think with the Canadian dollar at its present worth - anyone bidding from Canada would need at least $1.1 or more billion just to own the Bills Franchise team
To much money even for Tim Lieweke and his group.

Expensive for sure gem.

Hey, saw this, boycotting Bon Jovi. Some very unhappy Bills fans :o :

Buffalo Bills fans want Bon Jovi boycott

CHARLES PELLIEN, CO-FOUNDER OF 12TH MAN THUNDER: "People in Toronto are counting on our money to go up there and fill their seats, and it's a losing proposition for Bon Jovi because we're not going to be there."

[url=] ... ott/nf5mr/[/url]

And the beat goes on. Many people thinking the high price for the Clippers in a big money market means big money bids for the Bills from those interested in moving the team to another big money market. So some think it will now be tough for bids that plan on keeping the team in Buffalo - where everyone admits the team can not make as much money as if they are moved to London, LA or yes - even Toronto - it will be tough for those bids to be as large as those coming from groups who do plan on moving the team in 2020.

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Should a prospective buyer who wants to move to Los Angeles, Toronto, London or somewhere else bid on the Bills, it is likely to be for a far greater sum of money than a bidder looking to stick around. All these factors could make it hard for the trustees to accept an offer which would not include eventual relocation. Per Rodak:

"I've spoken to [Bills CEO Russ] Brandon, I've spoken to [Bills CFO Jeffrey Littmann]. They know my request, which is to pick the owner that's going to keep the team in Buffalo. But I don't know if that's going to be the decision that the trustees will end up doing," Poloncarz told WBEN. "If they end up getting a bid that's so much higher than anybody else, I don't know if they can turn it down. They may have the fiduciary duty to accept it."

Agree Travel, it's a free market capitalist society we live in and very well the top bid could win, should win?, regardless of the plans of the owner. Can't always have it both ways of course in such a society as we live in. Pro sports shouldn't operate in a socialist way in the US, ever, I mean they like in the US to say everyone should be able to own a gun, free market style. Well the highest bidder of a pro sports team should be able to move a team when he/she wants, same sort of deal.

If it were true a free market that might be right but the NFL is itself a legal entity with 32 partners and the ability to reject transfers of ownership.

But the NFL has to watch it and be careful operating as a "private" club. Augusta and other golf clubs never let negroid, Jews as well, into clubs until it was challenged and they turned on a dime and changed their tune. And that wasn't that long ago.

Highest bidder gets rejected and challenges it in court. NFL doesn't exactly want that.