Donald Trump wants to buy Bills, keep them in Buffalo

First Bon Jovi, now Trump. It's almost like you need to be a cartoon character to want to buy the Bills. Watch for a dark horse bid from Yosemite Sam.

Oh goodie, another Bills in Buffalo thread! As Elmer Fudd so eloquently stated: "Yipidity-yip-yip-yip, that's all folks!" :cowboy:

Actually that was Porky Pig.

Politics will TRUMP over MLSE or ROGERS for the BILLS

lol!!!! actually Elmer Fudd would be saying Ha Ha Ha I tink I going to twy un keep da Bills in Buffawo cause tats where day bewong Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!! :lol:

Yosemite Sam would say Im'a fixing to keep those low down dirty Bills in a Buffalo or my name aint'a Yosemite Sam !!! :lol: :cowboy:

No way the NFL wants ANYTHING to do with Trump. The guy led a lawsuit against the league over the USFL.

Trump's just trying to get his name in the paper (like always).

He's just toying with them.

Not really... in order to "toy" with someone you need them to actually care about you. The NFL doesn't need nor care about Trump.

He's playing the media for attention.

Signed: Jon Bongiovi


I take it you believe that Trump is a viable candidate for the NFL to accept as a new owner?

I would say that anyone who is well heeled enough to own an NFL team would not be tossed in the circular file right off the bat. But it's a social club as well so sure these sorts of things are important, like in a prestigious golf club.

The USFL lawsuit was back in 1986, thereabouts. There are only 6 principal owners of the current teams that remain from that time, and that includes the Green Bay Packers who are community owned. Enough time may have passed with enough turnover in ownership and NFL leadership in the front offices that the USFL could be nothing more than a minor hiccup. What may impede him in getting approval from some of the other owners is his public persona, shameless self promotion, outspokenness and some of the crap emanating from his mouth. This may not sit well with some owners who have a good thing going and may not like his version of peacocking. After all, they already have Jerry Jones for that.

Can't wait for the Toronto press to get a hold of this and somehow spin it that Trump will actually build a stadium and move the team there. Either that or they'll announce that Mark Wahlberg has joined the NFL Toronto ownership effort

Come on EVM, you do know that Toronto is entitled to an NFL team, don't you? :wink:

You're right Earl. What was I thinking... :lol:

I think that Trump has as much chance of being approved as an owner as Mark Cuban. Like Cuban, Trump is too much of a wild card.

Trump won't get the Bills
It is well documented that Senator Chuck Schumer has a very good relationship with KingPin Roger Goodell , and Schumer sits on the Senate Finance Committee . The NFL do not want to upset anyone who sits on the finance committee , the NFL do carry a portion of tax exempt status and these Billionaires wont let that go easily if they pee-off Schumer.
Even if MLSE , ROGERS , and who else the Toronto Media name as future owners of the Bills for Toronto campaign , all the $0.90 cash in Toronto won't move the NFL owners to lose their tax exempt status . The backlash from the politics to put a team in TO. will be a fall out that the NFL will avoid.

Bills will stay in the state of New York

He's playing the media for attention.
Signed: Jon Bongiovi
Bon Jovi is over rated, you would have to pay me to listen to one of his songs, and BTW Trump is OK, folks that do dump on him do so mostly because they are libs.

But funny thing is this, Trump is not even really a true Conservative, I only wish he was, but he is OK

same folks that dump on Trump, just hate good Conservatives , they think that Trump is a Conservative

BTW I have been around here over many years and I know the reg crowd here are about as liberal as they come

I just want the filthy Bills out of Toronto and their NFL

Bills had 2 good years 1998 and 1999, if they only had not signed Rob Johnson they would have had at least 1 Flutie led SuperBowl, perhaps multiple SB`s 1998, 1999,2000