Donald Brady...

On Defence we’ve had our up and downs, our ups being that at times we do show potential and we do get turnovers when we need them mostly fumbles but regardless, but our down side would be our secondary giving to much room half the time, and some guys that get beat constantly, so i’m just wondering how many of you think bringing in FA Donald Brady form Edmonton, an all-star from last year, could be an upgrade to any part of our secondary? :?

I think Kavis has earned (in the last few games) the right to stick with his starting DBs

If brady were a Safety THEN i would say jump on it, because Shaw isn't getting it done.... (Re: Chris Martin)

Again - we experimented with the Brady bunch for 2 seasons. It didn't work.

I'm talking about Donald Brady the DB not Marcus Brady the QB

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Funny how topics seem to repeat themselves like a large can of baked beans...

Ew, grosse Sig.

If Donald Brady was an all star last year as somebody mentioned, then why isn't he on a roster? Hmmm, can anybody answer me that?

Because he gets burned alot, but if things on our defence go sour than why not bring him in and give him a shot! :slight_smile:

im dbs are solid now, therte just over played! im tellin yeh we have agreat group of guys!