Don Wittman... TSN... Who's getting fired?

While Don's lovely widow was trying to choke back tears and get a few words out; all we in TV land heard was a jerk-off TSN techie say,

"....(unedible) kick him in the ass! But I wouldn't wanna' get on her bad side!"

Plus, lot's of giggling!!!


Somebody needs to lose their frickin' job over this!

Oh man that's horrible :frowning:

Gaffs happen sometimes but that's a particularly disrespectful one.

Why is it that someone always has to be fired?????????

That made me giggle...

i missed the i cant comment til someone posts it.

Basically you hear 2 people talking in the background. Not the first time, wont be the last.....No biggie as far as I am concerned

....on the over-comment bY TSN on Don's remembrance before the game....WHAT A BLOODY DISGRACE.. :cry:

I agree. I was fuming as I was trying to listen to them paying tribute to a man who meant a lot to Canadian sports -- and the CFL in particular -- for so many years.

TSN can't figure out that there's a live mic somewhere, and kill it? What are these guys -- obviously TSN crew members -- doing joking around during the tribute anyway?

Fired? I don't know. But someone needs to be called into the boss's office about this debacle.

The CFL season is only one week old and already we've had the Wittman gaffe, the blackout of the Edmonton/Sask game in some parts because someone inadvertently switched to racing, and I also read on the TSN website that Kerry Joseph was the MVP of last year's Grey Cup, which Rod Black and Duane Forde repeated a couple of times during the Argo game. Isn't it great that the CBC is gone?

I agree but I think the black out was the provider's fault and not TSN

You forgot to mention missed plays due to commercials and missed penalty calls due to announcer yapping

Totally agree with all of the above. I would rather watch football, and have an apparent penalty on the goal line explained as opposed to watching Suitor and Cuthbert gush all over a so-called comedian (Martin Short) that I don't like anyway.

Maybe these screw ups are good reason why they should be televising pre-season games, so they can get their act together.

To add to the list of mickey mouse BS …

The fact it took them until half time to get a mic on the ref who replaced the head one at the Cal/BC game.

Not that I really need to hear the call since I know the signals, but it was annoying none the less.


The announcers are usually yapping when the penalty is being announced anyways

I've noticed they've gotten better this year about shutting up when a penalty is being called.

Yes I believe that they have but give them time

the game feed error was a Shaw problem in Edmonton as far as I know. that's what the Sun papers said.
Missed the tribute so I can't comment on the other.

It was a very unfortunate human mistake.

I hope there are official apologizes to the family.


To all the 'the bums should be fired' types.

I am sure the family wouldn't want someone crucified
over one unintentional very human mistake.

Apparently, you have never made a mistake. :roll:

It would be kind of you if you would all buy halos
so we can recognize you and pay homage to you. :smiley: :wink:

However, if you made mistakes in your lives
you have no right acting 'holier than thou.' :thdn:

well, I made on the job mistakes. Got fired for some of them too.