Don Whittman

In every sport, and in every league, there is at least one announcer that separates himself from the pack. For Canadian Football, Don Whittman was that man.

His distinctive voice, witty personality and spot-on analysis sometimes overshadowed even the color commentator, and that's was what made Whittman special.

When I first began watching Canadian football in the late 1980's, Whittman was the only announcing voice I knew, but when I heard it for the first time I knew that he was the genuine article.

With all due respect to Chris Cuthbert, Don Whittman was the voice of Canadian Football and no one even comes close.

I wish Don was still doing CFL games on CBC, instead of doing all of the miscellaneous sports that hardly anyone cares about.

In short, I raise my glass to Don Whittman; the greatest of all time.

there's alot that wouldn't share your sentiments....but I give him credit for his dedication to sports journalism....a fault Don always had in my opinion, was to bend over backwards not to seem like a homer....but in doing so missed opportunities to throw a good light on some of his city's (PEG) athletes and teams. :!:

I too raise my glass. He was a member at a golf course I used to work at, really good guy, not brash or arrogant like so many television personalities. As far as who is better, I say who cares. Cuth and Witt are both excellent announcers in my opinion. It'd be great if Witt replaced Cuthbert on CBC and Cuthbert took John Wells out of the mix. Cuthbert and Suitor calling games for TSN? That'd be a great one-two punch.

I have never met the man, but he calls 100m dash like nobody else. I never really thought of him as a great announcer when it came to team sports, in fact I found him to be wondering off topic with some stupid analysis while he should have been following the action on the field, kind of like Bob Cole, one step behind the action all the time.

The best of all time, Bob Irving, without a doubt.

Radio play by play man Bob Irving is one of my favorites too...and the Frier, but I have to say Don Wittman was great. I had the pleasure of working many sporting events with him during my days at CBC. The man's life IS sports. He had a small custom television built in his car long before anyone even thought of it. During breaks, Don would sit in the front seat and catch up on other games being played. Ernie Afaganis was also top notch in my book. I'd love to see Don Wittman do a couple of televised CFL games. for the CBC.

I'm one of those that disagree...MAYBE when he started he didn't make many mistakes, but during his last few years, he got teams mixed up, Players mixed up, and his meaningless stats were boring, Even doing a slow moving game like Curling, he mixes up players and teams. Should have retired years ago.

And, apparently, Don Wittman complains that the fonts are too small on this site...

Tssk, tssk, ... old dudes...

Ouch...that hurts Third....

I was just joking with ya! I said it because I know you've got a sense of humour. Didn't I called you my favourite techie not so long ago?

You did, I knew you had a sense of humour.... No problem!