Don Unamba

It looks like Ticats have sign quite an impressive looking SAM Linebacker named Chris Frey out of Michigan State. Check his highlights on youtube as he seems to be a beast My guess is they signed him in case they can’t sign Unamba. I think Jackson Bennet will emerge as a ratio buster candidate at SAM if we don’t sign Unamba.

Unamba is a very important guy in our D, he sort of came out of nowhere with his play last season but is the best SAM we have had for a long time and we of all teams know how tough that position is to replace.

Typically a DB turned SAM is the solution and not a LB who played SAM like the kid we signed.

Very goid point BlackandGold. I agree most good SAM’s in the CFL are converted DB’s as ut is a diiferent game and the SAM in the CFL may require more speed and pass coverage abilities. But by the look at all thus kids highlights, he looks like a young Chip Cox I think he is too small to play Wil so I would assume they signed him with SAM in mind as his initial position.

If Unamba wants to get re-signed by the TiCats,
He better get into the gym and start working out! :wink:

It's terrible letting himself go like that in the off season!

Maybe he should get into that place in L.A. that Manziel was in last year.

I just saw the Chris Frey video on the “used tube” . He is a beast, indeed!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Actually he looks more like he could be Bear Woods long lost brother in appearance . :o
As for him being too small to play Will ? He is listed at 6'2" , 238 lbs . So if anything he is too big to play the prototype CFL Sam position and is a perfect size for either the Will or MLB spot .

He’s bigger than Lawrence and most WIL’s in the CFL. Too small? I guess he’s thinking in terms of NFL size. With all due respect to Gerbear20… he has a lot of heart and passion, but little knowledge of the game to back it up.

In defence of Gerbear20, he might have seen a different profile on Chris Frey than the one that lists him at 6 foot 2 and 238 lbs. A quick google search brings up several sites with weights ranging as low as 195 and 225. There is even some height discrepencies.

Some of the stats are old and therefore not reliable.

Even if he trimmed down to 195… that’s a typical SAM size.