Don’t expect to see a Grey Cup in Hamilton before 2019

Hamilton’s Grey Cup wait expected to continue

[b][i]Both the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and representatives from the City of Hamilton say the earliest the city could expect to host a Grey Cup is likely now 2019.

Changes to the Canadian Football League’s process for awarding the championship celebration as well as concerns over the ongoing litigation surrounding Tim Hortons Field – not mention the time required to assemble a quality bid and organize the event – mean the wait will continue for fans who haven’t seen a Grey Cup played in the city since 1996.

With Toronto hosting the event this November and Ottawa on tap for 2017, Ticats CEO Scott Mitchell said the earliest the team could have moved forward was 2018. That’s still a remote possibility but it’s increasingly unlikely: the plans to expand seating capacity of Tim Hortons Field to more than 40,000 – a necessity to host the big game – still haven’t been provided and the stadium continues to be plagued by issues, mostly recently faulty transformers.

“There’s still a significant legal claim against the builder dealing with the delays in delivering the stadium. That’s going to have to be taken care before we’re able to put together a bid with the city,? Mitchell said. “The reality is, with everything that’s going on, 2018 is going to be a tough timeline. Typically, you want to be well into your plans two years in advance.?

Greg Maychak, manager of special projects for the city’s public works department, is preparing a report that will go before city council on Dec. 7. He says the bid is responsibility of the Ticats with the city of Hamilton as a partner.

“The math works out that the earliest [the Ticats] could consider bidding would be 2019, just based on the time it takes to both mount the bid and prepare to host a successful Grey Cup,? Maychak said. “The next steps will be to sit down between the city and the Tiger-Cats to talk about the criteria to bid on a future Grey Cup.?

That criteria has recently changed. After years of awarding the Grey Cup – and its estimated $100 million of economic activity – based on backroom handshake deals or regional preferences, the CFL Board of Governors has put a formal process in place to judge each application on its merits.

“I think the board would love to get the Grey Cup back to Hamilton sooner rather than later. I think theTiger-Cats would love that as well,? Mitchell said. “But I think everyone needs to know that this is a formal and competitive bid process. We’re going to need to bond together to put together a great bid.?

At a recent event in Ottawa to announce that city’s Grey Cup Festival, CFL commissioner Jeffery Orridge outlined some of the details the league is looking for.

“Typically what makes for a successful Grey Cup is a partnership among private and public interests, it’s community-based, it’s a number of movers and shakers and influencers, people who are avid supporters of the CFL,? Orridge said. “That’s what makes it all come together because they Grey Cup is so big and so important, it takes a village to make it work.?

Mitchell says he believes the league and the board want to see a Grey Cup in Hamilton, particularly given the new stadium, the investment put forward in the team by owner Bob Young and the fact that Ticat fans have done without for so long. But they need to get it right.

“When the Grey Cup comes to Hamilton, we want it to be an absolute success, a home run event that shows how great a host the city can be,? he said.[/i][/b]

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They don't even have plans on expanding seating?

Ok now not only IO is laughable so is everyone involved ...

I love the cats but what a dissapointment this had become

Management of the team has become as big of a joke as the City of Hamilton is!

You know, I don't see this a big issue. Hamilton is not really situated well for a Grey Cup bash with the stadium so far from the downtown and the major hotels. And we have to be honest, Barton and Cannon do not provide very many amenities in the form of restaurants, meeting places and party locations. The $100 million in spin-off spending is a pipe dream of politicians and lackeys. That is the song at every major sporting event, the Pan-Am Games, the Olympics, you name it. Never happens. I can see visitors staying in Burlington or Toronto and commuting in.

I attended the festivities in 1996 (didn't have tickets for the game) - the downtown at night was dead. Just a huge, cold, empty tent. The only crowds I remember where at the parade, and then you could not get anywhere afterwards because the buses were all detoured or delayed. The uptown restaurants were busy, but there was no real central meeting place to congregate and I don't remember any of the out of town teams having easily accessible headquarters. Maybe because the Cats weren't in the Cup that year? The best part of the game was the snow falling in the stadium during the game made it kind of 'magical', Canadian, and fun. Had it rained, it might have been a different story? To be fair, that was the old Ivor Wynne days, and the concourses and patios were non-existent.

If it is 2019 or beyond, that is okay by me. If they are going to do it, let's take the time to plan and do it well.

THF "so far from the downtown"? I'm sure there are Super Bowls held at stadiums that are much further from the centre of downtowns in cities where they are held than what THF is and these Super Bowls fared ok. Just a wild guess. :wink:

One Grey Cup in 48 years. Pathetic.

Time to get the Canadian Football Hall of Fame museum open again in Hamilton before hosting a Grey Cup.

Toronto has 2016, Ottawa 2017, Montreal was turned down for 2018. Hamilton isn't putting a bid in...

2018 is probably being kept open for Braley so he can bundle it in with the sale of the Lions.

Never been to an NFL stadium, I don't have direct experience. Seen pictures and talked with friends and relatives that have been, and have been to college stadiums. I recall one fellow saying that the stadium had over 20 ares of parking and about 5 acres for parking buses. They run shuttles from the parking lots to the stadium as it is "so far" to walk.

Don't think they do much parking on the neighbour's lawns and driveways, plus the cities probably have more than one or two major hotels in their downtown core. Hamilton does not have those luxuries. I love our stadium and the neighbourhood. I love the way the neighbours sit out and talk with the fans walking by. I have been to Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, and IMO, it is difficult to beat the atmosphere surrounding at Ti-Cat game. But for a Grey Cup, where do people park, eat, and use the can? They wouldn't walk back and forth to the downtown as part of the lead-up festivities. Vic Copps, or whatever it is called now, would be a logical central point, but again, where is the parking for 40,000 fans? And it is a commute to THF.

Not saying it cannot be done, just saying it needs a lot of work, and a lot of money, to properly and adequately prepare. Look at all the glitches arising in the stadium that need to be rectified, and it is brand new. I just don't think we are ready, or will be, for a few years down the road.

And when 2019 comes the city will be gutted for LRT. I wouldn't bank on it until after that mess is complete. By then the stadium will probably have fallen down. Can you imagine hosting a Grey Cup with the Main streets to the stadium under construction.

The Hammer is so low on the totem pole their below ground. That's why their my team. :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

The CIS Vanier Cup is hosted at THF this season and next season. McMaster is still in the hunt! :thup:
This could be a good test run for the Stadium and City. 25,000 University Students, could be a lot of fun!

I would guess that 2018 would go to Saskatchewan and THEIR new stadium... 8)

25,000 fans ???? Last time I looked at tickets sales they were abysmal ! They are going to need Mac in the game or at least a close by University.

Nobody knows who is going to play in it yet. I know 25K is pushing it, but go BIG or go home!
Past Vanier Cups hosted by Hamilton(3) all at IWS have averaged just under 15K,
McMaster has not been in any of those, hopefully this is their time!

Depends on how their build goes...if its anything like ours, they won't be hosting one until at least 2022...

Jeez. Our new stadium isn't going to be very new by the time we host.

Their new stadium is spectacular. I assume it will be ready on time for the 2017 season. It looked just about ready to me when I was in Regina in August.

2019 will probably go to Edmonton, 2020 back to Vancouver(Braley deal), 2021 TOR will have another because they are TOR, 2022 CGY will have a new Stadium by then, 2023 Halifax will have a franchise, 2024 will be our turn.

Remember the sale of the arblows was contingent on them hosting the Grey Cup twice in the next 10 years

Apr 27, 2015 -" Sale of Toronto's CFL team contingent on lease deal at BMO Field and deal to host two Grey Cups over next decade"

Look for VAN to get the same deal

Mitchell say's 2019 I would have to think it's even beyond that as there is much bigger venues around the league and newer stadiums with the addition of the new Mosaic in Regina next year, plus the on-going legal fiasco with the builders of Tim Horton's Field.

2016 Toronto BMO Field, 2017 Ottawa TD Field, 2018 Regina Mosaic, 2019 BC or Calgary? There was talk if Calgary can get a new indoor stadium built and ready within a 3 year period starting in 2017 that they could host a 2020 Grey Cup?