Don’t Burn the Witches. Burn the White Pants Instead


What is their record in those god awful things

6 years ago today we lost to Calgary in the snow fumble FG game....

As soon as I saw the white pants and referee Proulx I knew we were doomed.

This has merit.

Gold pants only.


Burn the white, burn the black.

Team should do a "pick the uniform" on prior to games.
That should take care of it.

Not sure we can get the league to do "pick the ref"

My thought exactly. Plus the fact that it was a live mic game and Rod Black was calling it. That was a quadruple whammy.

So long as they’re not wearing the same colour jerseys and pants I’m fine.



I agree, All whites is just too staypuft for me. It is a terrible look, not a fan

Gold pants rock!

I’m sure they will need to wash those white pants now after they turned the backsides brown with the way they played the second half of that game. :-[