Don Sutherin Asst. Coach back

Anyone else notice that Don Sutherin is listed in the training camp roster as an Asst. Coach for Defense/Kickers? That's Great!!!

I like him being back here he will make a difference for the def. :smiley:

Good news!!

All Hail Lord Xenu!!!

I too am very pleased to see Sudsy helping out.


Interesting to see the number of additions, and the addition of train camp coaches. I don't think this has been done in the past.

Interesting ? is it only for training camp?

I hope coach Ried will make use of Sudsy's defensive genius. Good to see his back!

His Only back For Traning Camp by the look of it.

Are you sure you didn't mean Tranny Camp? :lol:

Welcome back, Sudsy

It's got to help the D.

Excellent news to have a Ticat legend back helping out…Sudsy is a defensive guru and his knowledge will certainly help out at camp.

Oski Wee Wee,

Are you sure?

I just checked the roster, and I don't see his name listed anywhere. (Maybe it's just the ol' eyes playing tricks on me)

Anyone see him down at training camp?

You can see that he is listed if you go HERE.

Thanx Caiteag, but I still can't find him currently listed on this site.

I looked under Football Operations - all the other
coaches are listed there - but not Sudsy.

Where on this site did you find that information?


I just found him on the Training Camp roster!

Thanx for the info!

Sorry for any confusion that may have been caused.

Let's hope coach Reid puts Sudsy in the booth with the other coaches @ games. That's where he would help the most.

He is definitely there. We were talking to him yesterday.

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, He's only back for training added benefit none the less! He's been instrumental in helping the Hamilton defenses maintain their tough reputation...However; the retirement years have been good for the Sutherin's! They're enjoying "life after football" if there is such a thing. :wink:

Good luck to the ti-cats this year!