Don Romani - aka The Dandyman

Anyone know what happened to my good old radio buddy Don Romani, aka The Dandyman - who was prominent on Ottawa sports radio approx. turn of the century?

Dandyman was one of my favourite guys - working with Duke Ellingson. Got banned or suspended for making bad cracks at Tie Domi's family.

Has he returned? Or if he hasn't anyone know what Don is doing?

I think he black-balled himself when he went over the top, like you pointed out, when he made those comments about Tie Domi. Those were the glory days of Ottawa Sports Talk Radio (the "OSR1200" days). TGOR's inception....

Now, between Simpson and the crew, it's barely tolerable. Ottawa needs a fresh sports talk radio scene....

I vividly remember Dandyman and the boys, including his broadcast partner (trying to remember his name).
Prolly phoned in from Winnipeg my share of times to discuss issues of the day. Mostly banging on Bettman - Dandyman liked me cuz I called Bettman by his birth name - Pee Wee Herman!
Winnipeg radio also took a tumble in the sport dept. - Bob Irving is on last legs, John Wells is either dead or alive (no one knows), a super kid named Jay Richardson got fired for getting into a twitter fight fgs. The Rabbi retired to go to the priesthood and they brought in a television mope named Jim Toth, the ultimate puissant.
Troy Westwood is pretty much the sole survivor but Westwood can't go 5 seconds without up-chucking or coughing and his hi-pitched voice is bothersome.
They had a decent mid-day show with Toronto's Rick Ralph, who had radio smarts but they bought an oaf named Kevin Oaf (Olshevsky) in to replace Ralph - who had to be brought into the breach to replace Husky Heavy (aka Gary Lawless) who was brought down to Las Vegas to be the team's propaganda machine. Hussler is still there but he's as repetitive as all git out.

Not much smarts on that station - the Jets announcers aren't allowed to hi-lite Jet player mistakes during games, just the positives only. Two mopes named Paul Edwards & Brian Munz.

Jim Rome still does his massive repetition act in the evenings when Jets games aren't on. Its so bad the Bombers decided to give the other non-sports station the radio rights to the bombers for another 6 years - TSN didn't see that one coming!

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My Uncle Don is still living in Ottawa, enjoying his retirement. Still the same humorous lovable Italian man!!

Ultimately it turns out his comments that day did turn out to be true.

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Please tell Uncle Don he was much loved from afar (Winnipeg) when his program was carried on the sparse TSN 1290 programming back in the early 2000s. I was one of Dandyman's semi-regulars. He was a grand truth-teller with a sense of humour . . . at the time I used to go by Nasty Nate . . . . a dedication to long-time legendary broadcaster/sports-writer Jim Hunt who used to write/broadcast with a nasty edge!

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