Don Narcisse going back home

I have always enjoyed spending time with Don...he is upbeat and already has this beat in his mind...which is where it all starts. It is awesome to see the fire spark in his eyes when he really gets into some deep football talk.

He was a pleasure to meet and talk to when he was here as a player, and that hasn't changed a bit in his 8 yrs or so since he came back. Can't believe it's been that long already. As you said, he has fire in his eyes when he talks football.

Hopefully this cancer stuff is behind him, sounds like it's going in the right direction. I wonder if the rebounding US economy (in some areas) also is providing some opportunities for him back home. When he moved back to Saskatchewan it was driven by economics IIRC, and Sask was still in growth mode and the US was really hurting. Things are turning around in some areas of the US, while things are softer here - and that maybe that may be part of this too.