Don Moorehead-what teams did he play for and how good ?


   I have been reading a book about michigan football and bo schembechler talks about Moorehead as his first quarterback in 1969. I know he spent some time in the CFL, who did he play for and was he very good?  I think he played in the 70's.


PS-what is the best website to look up CFl players, and yearly stats from players and the various teams? Love watching the CFL from Detroit!

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Two part question, two part answer: The BC Lions, and no.

…He played for the leos…Moorhead never really impressed me…Sporty, a BIG Lions fan, could probably fill you in alot more about Dons’ play or lack thereof… :wink:

The only Quarterback worse than Don Morrhead was Paul Brothers.

I don't recall him playing with any one else. He was so bad here, no one would want him!

Don Moorhead = Wearing a brown bag to games. :cry:

I cant remember those guys. I remember Joe Kapp, then Jerry Taggi. No one in between.

FYB, they were so bad, your memory has blocked them out! :lol: :lol: :lol:

...I thought Moorehead did a great job playing Endora on Bewitched...

Red, you been reading far too much of Turkeybend's posts!

Moorhead made a lot of average Defensive Backs stars! Their interception stats were increased whenever opposition DB's were playing against Moorhead and Brothers.

I remember Moorehead, not well, but I do remember him. Recall he was pretty mediocre; not Ted White bad mind you, but certainly not good. Didn't he wear some silly number for a QB, like 27 or something?

No Madjack 27 was the number of interceptions he threw per game!

I thought it was his completion percentage???

Twenty seven percent completion was way to high for both Brothers and Moorhead! :cry:

...who was better Sport....Brothers or Moorhead........ :lol: anyway, neither one of them could carry Kapps jock...the peanut butter guy always stands out when someone mentions ex-leo qb. greats...

Not many teams can claim to have had both dunigan and flutie, as well as jackie parker, along with Kapp.

I guess its only to exected it would be balanced out with a few like brothers and moorehead, sigh

Everything goes in cycles.