Don Mattthews

No question DM is one of the best coaches in CFL history but why does he have to be so bloody pompous most the time?

It's the Don's show. His attitude is part of the entertainment. Whatever he says won't be "the appropriate answer" or "the politically correct" answer. It's will be the Don's mind. That's why we love him, we hate him, love to hate him and hate to love him.

Any of the other coaches just seem to be off-field strategists. Well... Pinball also seems to be one passionate cheerleader, but that's not my point.

The Don... he's a thermometer. When a big play or a big screw-up happens on the field, you want to see the Don. Because even though he doesn't move much, just by looking at him, you know what's going on and how things are going to be later on.

Tonight, Alouettes should be bloodthirsty. I've seen that in the Don's eyes after the 6th interception last week. If the birds don't shed the visitors to pieces, the Don will move some @sses on the bench, or off the bench.

There are moves made by the Don with which I completely disagreed. But I still remain one big fan of that unique coach.

I keep hearing remarks like that but I really don’t see him as arrogant or pompous

Because he probably has a small thingy to go along with his big belly. I think after tonight's game, he should have a slice of humble pie rather than 3 sugar cake fattening pastries! If you think about it, he won 5 Grey Cups; one with a team of all American players, two with Doug Flutie, and one when the Als had a great team. Great coach or lucky enough to have the best personnel? he is not a great coach...

Indy why dont you just go home and cry?

You have got to be the worst loser I have even seen!

I correct you there plane boy; I have lost nothing. I did not play tonight, unlike the Als... And I beleive the term you intended to write was "...I have EVER seen". If you get a chance to learn basic english, when you are not screwing in rivets (or laid off), come back and enchant us with your witty and poignant prose! long as we're correcting the English language.....corrections are in parentheses.....

"And I (believe) the (phrase) you intended to write was ". . .I have EVER seen". If you get a chance to learn basic (English)....."

Well, Indydan, I appreciate your concern for my career, but I must confess, I passed the "rivet level" years ago, and have worked my way up nicely to the position of someone who oversees the people who oversee the people who oversee the overseers for the riveters.....but don't you worry - soon enough, you'll progress from fry guy to burger flipper, if you work hard enough.