Don Matthews?

We need someone who knows the game, and has had success wherever he has coached. Don't know exactly what Don Matthews current situation is, but none the less he would be my first choice....

I dont know why he'd ever agree to come to this trainwreck but God I wish/hope he would/will

he's a good coach but do you think he wants to develop talent anymore?

you look at who he has coached lately MTL, EDM, Tor (91, 96, 97) and they were all winners with veterans on their teams, he came into an ideal situation

for a man who already has health concerns, do you think he really needs any further stress?

He is Consultant for the new Ottawa Team.
Also He is 69 Years old..
This game is for younger coaches ..

for a man who already has health concerns, do you think he really needs any further stress?
8) Certainly not the kind he would have with this outfit !!!! :wink:

I don't want to see Don end his days in jail for murder...

Funny Don Mathews is mentioned.

This team needs an obnoxious, loud, take no crap approach.

Charlie and his o gosh we were terrible approach should have been let go after the Winnipeg game. Same for his co-ordinators who were both release for poor results just last year.

Don is a little old as mentioned and probably wouldn't have the right mix of medication to coach this franchise but he is the type of guy we need.

Can't think of another one like him. I was never a fan of his but he had competitive team.

Can you think of anyone else like The Don?

Don Matthews isn't obnoxious and loud.

1- Ticats are going to have to do like Montreal and go on a continent wide search as well as "buy" top notch proven coordinators.

2-Get help from the other teams to return them to competitive status.

3-I don't want to write it...

After Stubler gets fired by Toronto we hire him as DC; we already D-Mac in training to be OC. Coach Sal for O-Line, steal Mike Walker back from Toronto for D-Line.
Big Ben or Joe Hagins to work with th LBs, Less Browne with the DBs. Morreale a long-shot to work with receivers.

My fantasy team then is just short a RB coach and a special teams coach.

Oh, a HC? Everybody on this forum is invited to try out for HC, GM, Prez, and owner. :slight_smile:

I think Frank Kush was hard on his players, but he got results. They had a great record with him there. He was a perfectionist like Don.

the don was (is) the billy martin of the cfl: no matter where he went, there was immediate improvement.
of course, there was a downside: he was so abrasive, toxic and caustic that he wouldn't last more than a handful of years in any one place. but he righted the ship, got it winning, and handed off a winning organization. and then he moved on ...
the only place he had less than exemplary success was saskatchewan — he got the team to .500, but no further, and bailed after a year.
we could do a whole lot worse than the don.


Hey, Ron, did you notice Merlin is acting like the,
shall we say, passionate fans on this website now?

He thinks because some ex-Ticat players were great players
that they would be great hires as coaches for the team.


Yeah, apparently he's been drinking their Kool-Aid,

and he still can't come up with even one Head Coach.

Sad isn't it?

:oops: :D Just funnin' ya' Merlin.

At the risk of sounding too defensive, or actually being taken seriously:

  1. I was not suggesting some former Ticat greats as coaches, rather "work with" as in mentors, "coaches-in-training". Like McManus is already.

  2. I certainly meant that if TO fires Stubler we hire him as DC and Sal, if he wants to come back, as OL coach.

    Must have been the Kool-Aid making me think that everybody on this forum could try out for HC, GM, Prez or owner. Heck, we all know there are only about 200-300 forum members who could do any of those jobs, and they all want too much money and a long-term contract. :thup: :lol: 8) :rockin: :cowboy: