Don Matthews

What is the Don up to we need help. We need order we need direction a plan a style of play. WE NEED BETTER COACHING

bring in THE DON!!!

Last I heard he retired from Montreal due to health problems. So I doubt he's coming back to any team.

I think he's currently working in a consultant capacity to the Als. I don'tthink he has any intention of returning anywhere full-time.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't think Don Matthews wants to coach again and he is not the future of this team....but I would sure like to see what he would do to this team in ONE month! With the talent we have I think he would have our Tiger Cats tearing up this league.

Mr Matthews was fired by the Esks in spite of his illness, and not moved up in the organization.
The Alouettes would not bring Matthews back after his illness there, and didn't move him up in their organization.

Whatever his illness may be it is obviously something(s) that the upper management of 2 of the best organizations in the CFL do not want around. Therefore I believe he is not ever going to be part of the Ticats organization.

An article in Saturday's Montreal Gazette mentioned that Don Matthews was spotted watching the game in a private box Friday night in Vancouver. Possibly he is living in Vancouver again.

Possibly he is living in Vancouver again.
8) Yes, last I heard that is where Don is living again.

Don has been hired as a consultant to the new ownership group in Ottawa. He is playing a small role there and I'm sure that he has no commitment to coaching anywhere right now.

He makes his home in Oregon so it is not a stretch to see him at a Lions game.