Don Matthews vs. Kenny Rogers

Is it just me, or is Kenny Rogers looking more and more like Don Matthews. Apparently he just had plastic surgery, but what look was he going for?

I know it's way off topic, it just seems creepy is all.

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Sorry, meant the photo to be attached.

That's pretty good. But Kenny has one feature that Don has never been known to exhibit: a smile.

...and Kenny dosen't have a purple schnoz' to stay away from that scotch and water Don.... :lol:

Aha! Thats it. Thats why the DOn made a CD last year.....Its his long lost Brother!!! :smiley:

Here is Don Matthews a few hours after losing the Grey Cup again last year (complete with alcohol and Tiny Tim).

Funny you say so, because just yesterday, I was watching again last year's Eastern Final, and we do see the Don laughing after that 6th Argos turnover...

hey third i think i was laughing after we beat you for the cupp....hmmm yes yes i was

Its OK We laugh when ever we see your spelling!