Don Matthew's nose

Anyone else notice his nose last night? It was day-glo purple. Has he been hitting the sauce a lot lately?

I'm not making this was purple!

I think you have be smoking too much mawajiwana there buddy.

Sorry to disappoint you KK, but I've never touched the stuff.

However, I do know what a swollen purple nose means, and it was swollen and purple. I guess he must have been pretty nervous about the game.

ok, fine, but I didn't notice it, sorry. did anybody else?

You couldnt miss it.

I noticed that, too.

But being on the sideline in that game would drive any head coach to drink.

You'd know, hammer-head.

Good one moses.

I never noticed it either.

I also noticed that but i think it was the Alouettes hat because it is purple and blue.

did Don Mattews not have a drinking problem in the past? I beleave so and by the looks of that it may be he is at the sauce again

It doesnt really matter, but it sure looked funny. Moses whole
face was probably purple at that stage. LOL

nyuk, nyuk, nyuk... :roll:

Yes, I noticed it. Maybe a circulation problem, he has had health problems in the past I know.

That thread is plain rude.

His nose sure looked fine at the airport yesterday....when the team came back...