Don Matthews is Done

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take him off the anxiety meds and watch him get his edge back. looks to me like he lost his edge this time around cus the meds have turned him into some kind of soft loving teddy bear. He seems way too calm and loving and worried about feelings and friendship and stuff, forget that and kick some ass if you wanna coach.

The Don quits on another team…

I laughed when I first saw the headline on the main page. But after some reflection it's kind of a sad way to end a great career.


8) The Don is done !!!
   At least he had the guts to admit  it  !!!

I can't believe it. I'm actually feeling sorry for the blue team!

( sound effect: slap on face )

Ok, ok, I don't feel sorry for 'em. But this is as disfunctional as it gets. We've had quite a few articles in the Toronto papers on why the Hamilton situation is as bad as it is, including a thoughtful article by Steven Brunt, but the Toronto situation could fill a book!

Don's medical situation is why I'm not rejoicing over this and I really hope he heals away from the game. It sounds like he's on his way and doing better.

But before they fired Stubler, the blue team was in the play-offs. One bad move after another after another. And it seemed like once they hired Mathews, he had them playing for next year!!!


Mathews looked pitiful in front of the Toronto bench . I agree with the poster who said words to the effect that, "at least he had the guts to admit he was through."

Another legend bites the dust.

I disagree with all this negativity towards Don. No one else could have stepped into that mess and got any better results with present defensive players and assistants coaches et al. I do not beleive the Don quit because he didnt think he could do it. I beleive he just didnt like the scenerio, perhaps front office bickering, and perhaps his med didnt help with the anxiety of coaching as much as he had hoped. IN any case, if he wanted to stick it out, the argos would have been a team to be reckoned with next yr. Now, it will take a miracle.

Joe Galat must be involved in this turn of events somehow, grrr

8) Have to disagree with some of your thoughts FYB. He admitted in interviews that his hiring had no effect on the team at all !! His presence as HC did not get the results that even he had expected it to get.
  He was man enough to admit that his style of coaching and intimidation just doesn't work anymore.

  While I agree that he inherited a complete mess in Toronto regarding the front office turmoil and other nonsence going on, he realizes that he just doesn't want to get into a big rebuilding project considering his age and health at this point  !!!

  I believe that he knew he would not have been asked back anyway, so why prolong the inevitable  !!!

  The Cats should consider themselves lucky that they did not bring Matthews here to replace Charlie at the time  !!!

   You're right regarding Joe Galat, he had to be involved in this whole mess  somehow  !!!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Why are we picking on Mentally ill
25% of North Americans will have some kind of Mental illness in there life time.
10% will try and End thier life's cause they can't get Treatment.

Don Mathews got the help he needed
I am very Proud of him
Don Proved that people can Life good life with Treatment.
The StatsCan Canadian Community Health Survey on Mental health and well-being found that 10% of men experienced symptoms of the surveyed mental health disorders and substance dependencies, compared to 11% of women. In the United Kingdom, studies of depression show a major shift in the traditional gender imbalance, with depression rising among men and decreasing among women.

I have Brian Injury cause by an Auto Crash in 1984
I have what is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - :

A terrifying experience in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened can cause post-traumatic stress disorder. Survivors of rape, child abuse, war or a natural disaster may develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Common symptoms include flashbacks, during which the person re-lives the terrifying experience, nightmares, depression and feelings of anger or irritably

Since then I have some Mental issues due that Crash
Flash back nightmares Sweats it is no fun
On top that I Issues with Writing Spelling sometimes Speaking
I wish people would become more understanding .
I am lucky my Friend Died in that Crash.

We are not bad people .
We just had something bad happen to us.
Everyone should Check out this site
Understanding Mental Illness from Canadian Mental health Ass.

I am very Proud of Don Matthews
I Don't care if won game
He won in life ...that more important
He is Battling like we are all are .
He is showing it can be beat .

Post traumatic stress disorder is NOT Mathew's problem. He's nearly 70 years old and has undergone some invasive surgery. He came through his surgery very well. His NORMAL mind may not completely be on the job at hand. That's all.

He's getting old, but he's still "mentally" the man he was. He may even be losing interest in coaching and decided to find out if this was the case by taking on the Toronto job. It wouldn't be uncommon at all for him to wonder if he can still coach and therefore welcomed the TO job as an opportunity to find out if he could still deliver the goods.

My wife and I have worked extensively in this field for years, having an affected daughter. We have served on every conceivable mental health committee and board of directors, for all kinds of MH problems in the Hamilton and greater Ontario area, including schizophrenia, bi polar problems, autism and certainly, post traumatic stress disorder.

I say that Mathew's heart is no longer into coaching. If his mind isn't in it, it's not a function of being mentally ill.