Don Matthews' health

Don said at his press conference that he left the Als when he developed an anxiety disorder which got so bad that he could no longer take the field. He retired to Oregon and at some point spoke to a doctor there who suggested he try a new medication. He tried it and it worked. A daily pill will allow him to resume his coaching career with the Argos.

He just bought a new house so this offer to join the Argos is not something that has been in the works for very long. He also has a 4 year old child; the man is 69!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Was it a “Blue Pill”? :lol:

All kidding aside though…was his new house in the Toronto area?

I wish him well…but a new coach, unfamiliar with the players and the system in place will need time to work his plan. Not much time…but they do have 2 wins on us and just making the playoffs is the goal right now, because anything can happen then and the team that peaks at the end of the year and wins the last game of the CFL season has won the Grey Cup!

That is their goal…that is OUR GOAL as Ticats!

Matthews' new house was in Oregon.

An Argo-Cat fan