Don Matthews doesn't know what he's talking about

After watching last night’s game, I don’t know what Don Matthews has been drinking. Why does Don Matthews think this year’s edition of the Als is better than in previous years???

Als’ offense is nowhere near as explosive as it was in previous 3 seasons. Terry Vaugh is a good receiver but he’s nowhere near the explosive threat as Jermaine Copeland was for the offense.

And that secondary has more holes in it than swiss cheese. The lose of field general Baron Miles might seem insignificant with the “capable replacements” that they have. But they won’t stop any of the Western Conference offenses like Edmonton or BC.

I know these issues have been addressed. But now that the Als have played a game, their glaring weaknesses have been exposed.


Here are my 2 cents, we haven’t seen the real value of Vaughn until he comes back from his toes injury…

Sure we lost Miles, but IMHO, Megna was always the “general on the field”…

As for stoping the Western offenses, we will see on July 8th vs Edmonton…

You got to remember this was 1st game of the year…

Oh and as for Matthews, that’s why he’s the Montreal Alouettes head coach & we’re “bleachers” coach…

the defence looked really solid to me with the exception of whitley who is only in till curry gets healthy. Vaughn has the unique ability to break tackles and rag players with him which makes up for a lack of “explosiveness” I think that Stala and Girard more than make up for hte loss of copeland and anderson. Not to mention theres still Cavil that didnt play last night either Id like to see any other team play without two 1000 yard guys and put up 31 points. Just keep your eye on Girard though he has amazing speed and has finally found his hands

  1. Vaughn, Jenkins and Cavil weren’t even playing. That’s three marquee players off the field on opening night and we still scored three touchdowns.

  2. Almondo Curry didn’t play. That’s our star rookie cornerback from last year and we still held Hamilton to no offensive touchdowns.

  3. Our secondary looked sharp. Tell me, did they give up a big play or blow coverage? Nope. Karikari looked good at safety, and Malveaux had a tremendous game at corner. As for field general Miles, you do know that the safety doesn’t necessarily play every down in our scheme, don’t you? Hard to be a ‘field general’ when you’re not on the field for every defensive play. Strickland is the captain of defense.

  4. Vaughn nowhere near good as Copeland? Funny that. I guess I must have dreamed up those numerous consecutive 1000-yard seasons that Vaughn posted in Edmonton.

  5. You seem to equate big-play potential with quality. Our receiving corp has changed this year – smaller, faster guys with more zip in the slot playing ball-control offense. That doesn’t mean it won’t be as dangerous.

  1. Vaughn and Cavil won’t change anything. They will get the yards but won’t warrant the double teams that Copeland did that freed up other receivers

  2. According to Matthews, Malveaux is BETTER than Curry.

  3. Secondary looked sharp? Ya against the Hamilton Ti-Cats…the lowly Ticats. A pee-wee team would look “sharp” against those clowns and their retirement age QB McManus

  4. Vaugh has 1 000 yards seasons yes. BUT IS HE THE SAME DEEP THREAT AS COPELAND?! He takes 2 yard dink passes and then runs another 12 yards whereas Copeland would burn defenders downfield.

  5. Wait till you play the Argos or my BC Lions. We’ll see how that “dangerous” ball control offense will do

Some of you “fans” should do your homework before you post on this board.

After watching the Alouettes play last night, I’ll say this…


Ok I look at the players who didn’t play last night

RB Michael Jenkins
RB Robert Edwards
WR Terry Vaughn
WR Kwame Cavil
CB Almondo Curry

Those aren’t big names. Their not going to help our team at all :?

Get real, to all those people who think the Als are in trouble. We allowed no Offensive TDs. Troy Davis did NOT have the best game, lucky to get 3 yards.
With Curry, we will have a great defensive backfield. And with those 4 offensive players who did not play include;

Two 1,000 yard receiving players
One 1,000 yard rushing player
One Former 1st pick overrall in the NFL Draft player.

Im not worried

anyone who doesn’t think terry vaughn has got a few things coming…
when he back like 5 yards and picks up 20 you’lll be amazed… and i don’t think he dropped one pass in the last like 10 years…

  1. Vaughn always draws double coverage seeing as he doesnt go down if it is only 1 guy tackling him put him in single coverage and youre asking to be burnt. Cavil is a 1000 yard receiver how does he not warrant double coverage?

  2. Curry when he comes back will play weak side halfback which was played by whitely last night whitely was the only weak link on the defence last night. No one else was beaten for any significant yardage

3)That is the weakest argument ever if youre going to damn them for playing well against a weak offense thne you cant say its a weak defense they didnt allow an offensive TD and held Davis to less than 100 yards rushing.

4)You want deep threats the als have Girard, Stala and Cavil

5)I look forward to playing toronto or BC. Take away 2 1000 yard receivers from toronto if htey even have any and see how they do and take away two 1000 yard guys from the lions and see how they do. A ball control offense is very effective since it wears out defences and runs the clock

:D Don't kid yourselves.

Terry Vaughn is washep up.

Can’t wait to see those Als play “tougher” teams. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Not convinced Vaughn is washed up yet, but needs to rebound from last year. Even though he broke the century mark, he really wasn’t the clutch performer that we have seen in the past. Off field business problems and nagging injuries plauged him somewhat so maybe this year we will see the TV of old.

I cant wait for you to eat crow. The only team a threat to the als are the lions anyone else is an easy two points and a notch in the W column

What do you expect the Don to say “we suck”

I am not worried. We passed for 347 yards and rushed 140 and scored 31 points in the first game of the season. We didnt give up an offensive td. The 14 points scored by ham special/defence teams could have gone either way.

Last but not least many of our arch rivals :wink: have been sayin that as soon and the Als start to lose we will abandon ship.

It looks like we won and some have started.

Funny how a “washed up” receiver like Vaughn still caught passes for over 1000 yards last season…

Interesting points, but at the end of the day Calvillo could have midgets for receivers and still rack up 300 yards passing in a game, the Als live and die with him.

mada 7,

The Lions won’t eat crow, they’ll have some fresh Al meat.

As for no other team being a challenge to the Als, ya’ll must be crazy because the Argos will prey upon your Copelandless offense, Ricky Ray can pick apart your defense, and the Stampeders offense will run wild all over you.

Oh I cannot wait until the Als play those games Diesel. The Als will eat the Argos, and by God will they DESTROY the Stampeders. I can’t wait to see what your excuses are, and to see how you will attempt to put down the Als this year when they defeat the Lions TWICE this year. Thats right, I believe this year the Als will win at BC Place.

Also next game, Vaughn and Edwards will be dressed for the game, and the week after that, Cavil will be back for the Eskimos, and so will Curry.

I’m gonna predict some excuses. Lets see… “That should of been a penalty when…” the Als were cheating, Calvillo didnt throw for 400 yards cause he’s good, its cause he has great receivers. Those are just the main ones that come up quite often.

Again, I think its jealousy. Diesel. 100% Pure jealousy.


That’s a very BOLD prediction ryoon…A VERY BOLD PREDICTION.

Once Dave Dickenson shreds your defense for 350 yards and Antonio Warren runs wild for 150 yards…I’D LIKE TO READ YOUR EXCUSES.

I’ll keep your post in mind for later on this season.

ok “wiesel” if you want to come and talk trash in the Als section of the Forum, we can just as easily go over to the BC Lions section and do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

seb, please mind your manners. It is positive that other team’s fans come over to the Als section, showing what a gathering point our team is.

As for Diesel, well, whatever happens on the field happens. And despite the fact that Montreal only got 1 Grey Cup win since it has returned to the league, the Alouettes do have the best record of the league. Hence all the jealousy, anger and sad wishes.

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