Don Matthews and Turk Schonert join team as consultants!

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Schonert se joint à l’équipe d’entraîneurs en attaque en tant que consultant, alors qu’il aidera à préparer les plans de match.

Schonert is going to be a consultant who also helps in preparing the offensive gameplans each week. So like Berry, except that Dinwiddie is still going to call the plays. I also imagine Schonert is the guy who’ll be in the spotter’s booth.

I’m glad to see the team taking action to fill the holes in the coaching staff. But it’s hard to be that excited about Schonert, considering that from 2009 onwards, he only has one year coaching in the defunct UFL. Seems like after he got canned from the Bills in 2008, he hasn’t been up to much in terms of football coaching. In any case, at least he’s a veteran voice who can help Dinwiddie put together good offensive gameplans from week to week.

I also can’t help but wonder if this is a subtle message to Higgins, given that Schonert, as I recall, was one of the candidates we interviewed for head coach before settling on (ugh) Hawkins.

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Well its clear now, if there was any doubt, that the GM is not involving the HC in any decision making. The split is undeniable. There is no way that these two fellas would have been on the Higgins wish list. He replaced Mathews in Edmonton after Campbell fired him, and the other, a Popp shortlisted HC candidate. On first glance it is hard to not think that Popp clearly wants to "get" Higgins.

The organizational dysfunction continues and grows.

Higgins is toast.

The owner will be on the hook for more dead salaries soon.

This truly is a gong show of historical proportions.

Well Matthews, at least, is a winner and has GCs under his belt to prove it. The team has been fumbling around for a while (figuratively and literally!), so someone who knows how to win and can get the respect of a team of veterans might just do the trick.

I'm sure nobody will report this and team members would be careful in front of the mikes, but I suspect that there must be some kind of rumblings in the clubhouse - just my feeling. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the players suggested Matthews to management.

So, whatever it takes to get back to winning ways - let's go!

While I agree that this might be symptomatic of a split -- to hire Matthews as consultant after his history with Higgins in Edmonton, and then Schonert, a former candidate for HC is telling -- we also have no way of knowing whether Higgins actually had any alternative candidates in mind. This is a guy who's been out of the game for six years and who had to reach back to hire Worman as his OC. Since the firing, it's possible that Higgins hasn't been able to produce anyone appropriate, which in itself might have spurred Popp to step in and say, "All right, if you can't surround yourself with good assistants, I'm going to give you two on my own. Here."

I also have no problem with Higgins feeling a little heat here. Just like Troy Smith needs to improve, so do the coaches! Nobody should get off the hook for the way the season has gone thus far.

The other thing about Schonert: he has lots of experience working with QBs (younger ones in particular). If Higgins were to be fired and Schonert were to step in as HC, he could actually be in charge of the offense, along with Dinwiddie, because he's from the offensive side of the ball. (leaving aside the issue of who'd be ST coach if Higgins got canned)

In my mind Popp is a smooth operator.
With is new entrenched contract he couldn't have been more obvious in his motives imo. Its almost laughable. He makes JR Ewing seem shrewd.
Vengeance is sweet for him.

More dead salaries on the horizon.

There is no healthy organization in any field that operates in this way.

They are bringing the don to advise Higgins. This team has just jumped the shark!

But don't you then have to fault the owners? He didn't give himself that contract extension. The Ws gave it to him. I don't see how any of this is vengeance. Against who, for what? With new contract in hand, he feels like he has the mandate to clean up whatever problems he sees transpiring on the ground. If more dead salaries accrue, obviously the Ws are OK with it, since they've put him in charge and allowed him to hire two more salaried consultants.

I am not Jim Popp's biggest fan by a long shot these days, but I'll tell you one thing: I trust his judgment more than I trust the judgment of Tom Higgins.

Haha...ya. This will teach the owner not to mess with popp. He'll show 'em whose team it really is. Unreal.

:lol: :lol:

You have to sit back and chuckle at this on some level. What can you do as a fan except laugh to keep your sanity?

Well, it will teach the owner not to play chicken with his GM without a clear succession plan in place, then go over his GM's head to hire a dinosaur based on nothing but a gut feeling. That is bad, bad business practice.

And like I said, Wetenhall gave Popp the contract extension! So if you're upset with Popp, you should also be upset with the owners. They created this situation as much as Popp did.

Anyway...this forum are for fans and supporters of the Als. I can't be in that group any more. Popp disgusts me.

So I'll watch from afar.

So I guess you're not a "real fan" of the Alouettes, then? Just an impression. :lol: :lol: :cowboy:

Edit: I hope the Don can get Thorpe to improve and vary his playcalling. Not even Matthews blitzed ALL the time, in every situation.

Last team that brought Matthews back was the 2008 Argonauts...they went 0-8 under him...if Higgins has been out of coaching for too long, what about the Don? Good luck guys!

Don isn't coming back to coach the team. He's coming back to be a consultant, likely to Thorpe in a defensive capacity. He was here last year doing the same thing. If Higgins is turfed, I expect Schonert, not Don, to take over the HC position.

When Higgins threw Smith and Marsh under the bus this week. He set this in motion.

Smith regressed this season.
Skipping over Marsh
Talking about a 3 QB rotation
Worman fiasco

Higgins marveled at all the talent and this is the worst Als team since their rebirth.Popp had no choice, He needs another opinion and he's going to get it. HIGGINS is in a business of winning, he has no credibility as far as I am concerned. Andrew must be pretty quiet these days.

Don't forget openly referring to one of his QBs (Brink) as a JOURNEYMAN in the media. People are trashing Popp but all I see is Higgins throwing everyone under the bus but himself and forcing Popp's hand. Marsh and Smith look atrocious this year and that can't be all on them...

Another thing that bugged me was Dinwiddie having to get angry. That should have been Higgins playing bad cop. Not the kid OC IMO.