Don Mathews

any thoughts re Don returning to try to help the Als?

I wonder about his health and state of mind.

I also wonder if the als have the talent for his imput to make any difference.

Wow. All I can say is I sure hope he's up to the task. He was pretty nicked up mentally and physically in 2008 (I believe that was his last year coaching) and not healthy enough to participate in the 100 year Grey Cup activities. Can he really be doing that much better that he's ready for the grind of helping a team that badly needs help, and not just more distractions? Time will tell. Good luck Don. Truly mean that.

Good to see 'The Don' back in some capacity. Do any other teams have 'coaching consulant' positions?

Otherwise, I would it woulnd't require the same energy as a head coaching so I think his expertise will be valuable. Overall, I'm to see his health is good enough for this role.

I vaguely remember Don Matthews being interviewed last year, perhaps in BC for some reason. I seem to recall he was in the middle of fighting an illness (cancer?) and at least to me wasn’t so mentally sharp ( seemed very old, rambling on, not very clear).

Good for him and the Als, they need someone in there who knows how to win.

Not sure how Matthews is going to help.

He's a defensive consultant, that's all. He acted in the same capacity last year.

WHAT did they hire Higgins for? :roll:

The owner hired Higgins, not Popp. The owner has now realized that bypassing your GM to hire a guy who'd been out of coaching for six years, without doing due diligence or even interviewing other candidates, wasn't the greatest idea. So they're trying to bring in qualified assistants to help. Schonert is going to act as an assistant on the offensive side of the ball.

That makes 11 coaches and 2 consultants? that's a lot of top heavy salaries there in Royal Mount!!

Honestly Noel Thorpe "Assistant head coach" :stuck_out_tongue:

they should fire Higgins and Thorpe, give the title to Mathews, even if its just a title!!

Not a great situation but they are trying to fix it. Teams have assistant head coaches all the time, so I don't see the problem there. Or perhaps you can explain to me "passing game coordinator" and "running game coordinator" both of whom work under an offensive coordinator, Mr. Eskimo Fan?

Tiger-Cats!!! sir!!!
what happened to just, HC, OC, DC, STC, OLC, DLC.

You have not one but two "assistant special teams coaches" on your team, my friend. :wink: Please don't forget, as well, that the Als have been without an offensive coordinator since Worman was fired. Dinwiddie was nothing but a QC film monkey last year; since Worman's firing, he's been forced to be both QB coach and OC at once, with a head coach whose area of expertise is not offence and who is already stretched thin because he doubles as ST coach. So hiring Schonert fills the gap left by Worman and gives Dinwiddie an experienced assistant whose advice he can use as he grows into his role.

Like I said, it's not a great situation, but the Als are at least trying to patch things up.

Welcome Back Don, I guess Montreal are going to load up on some of Don's legendary CFL experience and consulting?

I think Don has been out of Coaching for six years. That little cup of tea with the Argos not with standing. I did see a report a while back that Mathews had recovered nicely from his Cancer problems and was feeling much better. I wish him well.

When the players got bent over....I predicted as much...that you would see coach salaries skyrocket...also more coaches

I remember the following consultants being brought in:
Kevin Strasser
Doug Berry
Marcel B.

In every instance it was a precursor to firings of existing staff.

A consultant in this case isn't a trained guy to help the incumbent succeed. In football it is usually an unemployed coach wanting the position.

Don Mathews may be in a different class however. But the results will e the same.

In any event Higgins is dead man walking. Popp owns the torpedo franchise in Canada.

Wetenhall will soon have a full staff out there on dead payroll. Popp is last man standing.

Unlike in Higgins's case, Matthews isn't being brought in to coach. He's just there to be a sounding-board and mentor for Thorpe, a job he did last year as well. We can't lose from Matthews lending his voice, especially if he can convince Thorpe to call a better game on second down and while protecting a lead in the game's final minute... :oops:

To my knowledge there has been no declaration that Mathews will be a designated mentor to Thorpe. That is an assumption on d&P part I would say.

Good/interesting read from Herb Zurkowsky

some excerpts for those who don't want to read the whole thing:

Matthews, for his wonderful CFL pedigree and 231 career victories, also is the guy who was replaced in 2001 as head coach in Edmonton by Higgins. It might have been Hugh Campbell who pulled the trigger, but the perception exists that Matthews and Higgins aren’t exactly chums.

As for Schonert, he was interviewed twice in the winter of 2013 — once at the Senior Bowl and then in Florida — to become the Als’ head coach before Montreal hired Hawkins. Indeed, Schonert was on the phone to Trestman, telling him he believed he had the job. And he probably would have, except he wanted control over the hiring of his assistants, and was rebuffed by Popp. Or so the story goes.

“WTF are the Als doing?? asked one CFL executive in a text message to The Gazette. “Oh my goodness,? said another. Another GM had a one-word response: “Wow.? Said another: “That’ll go well.?
Higgins maintained he in no way feels threatened by Schonert’s arrival. And he referred to Matthews as “my friend Don.?

“Turk would absolutely love to be a head coach or given an opportunity,? Higgins said. “This bodes well for him to learn what the CFL’s all about. I’m sure not hoping it’s my position that he’s looking for — and I don’t believe that for a moment. We, as coaches, respect one another.

Matthews will set his own schedule and wasn’t at practice on Wednesday. Most days, he’ll confine himself to the football operations office, from where he’ll break down film and be available to the players and coaches. He won’t accompany the team on the road.
I don't think Higgins has anything to worry about from Matthews, but wouldn't be surprised to see Schonert possibly take over as HC once he gets a feel for the Canadian style of game. This smells similar to what we saw happen here in Winnipeg with Marcel B come in as a consultant for Burke. That consultant job lasted all of a week before he was named OC. Schonert will take longer but I could see it happen in the offseason if the struggles under Higgins continue.

No question in my mind. Popp wants Higgins gone and more dead payroll onto Wetenhalls back. He's a smooth vengeful operator in my mind.
Schonert is the chosen one if he plays it right.

And I don't buy his quote or Higgins quote one iota. There is no respect amongst coaches when it comes to advancement in my opinion.

There is no way that Marcel B was a consultant. He's a coach, was an unemployed coach. A consultant wants to help a group get better and leaves. You think he wanted Crowton to show improvement that was not directly tied to his own involvement.

Ask yourself the questions. Who does the "consultant" report to? Whose ear does he have?
Follow the money and authority. Who is at risk?