Don Mathews!! : )

I have heard many rumers that Don Mathews will be coming to coach in Hamilton. I thik that would be great! that would fix the discipline problem that the team is haveing, and hes also the most winingest coach in CFL history!
I hope he comes!

I don't think so ..
too old
Doncan't take the heat
He will quit when it get's tough.
Do we Really Want someone like this to lead our team

I don't think so

And from where are you hearing these rumours?

Desjardins has stated, more than once, that he does not want him.

Furthermore, tody's Spec says that Desjardins revealed that Taaffe is the odds on favourite to fill the spot.

The #1 coach in Canada, (Anywhere?)- and apperantly the spec is true to its name Speculation!

I don't think Don's health is at the level where he could coach any longer, at least from what I see.