Don Mathews

I read in the Toronto Sun a couple days ago that a friend of "The Don" spoke with him after reading about Mathews' poor health. Don told his friend that he was fine, the Alouettes had fired him and used that as an excuse and he's interested in coaching in Hamilton.

This was in the Sun, not some "source" only I'm privy to.

The don could make any team a winner in cfl, what his secret is i dont know but he could establish a winning program here in the hammer :rockin:

Yea it think it was Simmons. I dont believe anything he writes.... either name sources or consider it made up.

Simmons is brutal.

Simmons is the CFL’s version of the NHL’s Al Strachan.

An Argo fan

Mathews has had health issues in the past and when he has these issues his teams start to lose. He is old and washed up and the Ti-Cats would be better off without him.

I agree!
we don't need another "lancaster"..we need some young blood..or atleast younger blood than Mathews!

Andrew Grigg .... was doing the 'Cat broadcast with Micalef

He thinks Matthews is coming to Hamilton too

By the way ... Griggs was excellent on the radio .... and Micalef is definitely getting better

The "source" is a bald faced lie.

OTOH, if the Don is healthy, then hamilton fans that dont want him are nuts and dont know football very well, IMO

If Hamilton has any chance of hiring Matthews, they'd be stupid not to. He's a winner, and would really straighten out some of the jokers who called themselves Ticats in 2006.

Mathews would WHIP this team in shape he is a tough coach and his record speaks for itself. He would look great in black with black sunglasses :thup:

McMahon = Simmons??

If (big IF) Don makes himself available, he's going to get hired, all things being equal and a truckload of money in the offing.

The scenario that intrigues me is who would be on his staff, since I could only see this being a two or three year hire, tops.

I am not sold on him coming back, but if he is available, the Cats would be crazy not to pursue it. The guy has an unprecedented record in the CFL at transforming programs.

Oski Wee Wee,

Too Old ...
Charle Taff has Just a Good Record with Montreal ..

Taff is Younger and well be here for long Hall.
Mathews seems to last a few years and is gone.

Mathews is 67 yrs old.I think we need someone younger who could be around for a long term.If we hired Mathews how long would he be here 2-3 yrs tops.
We need a long term solution.

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Bio on Charles Taff

Bio Don Mathews

I will Compare Two Monrtreal Teams

2005 Montreal Grey Cup Team (DON)
1999 EAST Finalest Charley Lost To Hamilton
who where Grey Cup Champs that Year :slight_smile:

Total Points
2005 Team 573
1999 Team 458 (hamilton was higher)553 Under Guess who

Net yards
1999 Team-6667 (hamilton Was higher )7386 under guess who
2005 Team 7678

will Crunch some more info Soon

I prefer Rich Stubler as the next hire if available, but I really like the Charlie Taaffe possibility. Desjardins knows him well.

If Matthews IS available, well that is a big reshuffle of the deck, I would say.

The age issue does not influence me, regardless. I prefer to have this team turned around in a 1-3 year timeframe instead of quibbling about age. As I stated earlier, the question of interest for me is if Don wound up in The Hammer, who would be on his staff? That would be the likely source of a long-term successor in such an eventuality.

Oski Wee Wee,