Don Mathews?

I got a feeling Mathews will be here next year. Any chance of it happening? Thoughts?

I've been having the same feeling to but no thanks I'll take Charlie Taafe. Mathews is fine but I've hated him too long to cheer for him.

You may be right about it though.

Why not The Don? He has an excellent record, maybe right now there are problems in Montreal out of his control? I don't know but I certainly would not just write him off because you "don't like him". There are people I haven't "liked" in my life who would be the first ones I would hire for a particular job if I was running a company or something similar.

With yesterdays loss, and news reports in the Montreal media earlier in the week, it just might happen. I hope so, he is the one coach I have always wanted to see on the Ti-Cat sideline. Might not have a personality to everyones liking but you gotta love a guy that P****s off the so called sports reporters as much as he does! If he becomes availably the team definitly has to go after him.

The Don has had trouble staying awake from time to time throughout his career and I think hes going through that now. Remeber in Ed I think he got in trouble over that. I see he has a gulfcart to take him around during practice. He also looks very sleepy on the sidelines. I think the Als will tolerate sleeping as long as their winning.

check this regarding the Matthews situation

[url=] ... 2095693433[/url]

and a key quote from the article:

"Matthews, the winningest coach in CFL history, signed a contract extension earlier this year through the end of the 2008 season."

I'd love to see him here. Don't think it's going to happen, but I'd love to see him here.

Enough with the smoke and mirrors, let's all just hope that Desjardins forks over the big bucks to bring in Taaffe

Not a big fan of the "DON" True he's has the winningest record in the CFL.......But i'll take Charlie TAFFE.


The "Don" has stayed in Mount Royal longer then he has any other place. He's generally a two year love'em and leave'em guy.
I'm surprised he hasn't moved on before now, maybe he would like the challege of building a team from scratch in Ottawa...but at 67 maybe the energy and drive just isn't there anymore.
What ever happens we all know he's headed for the Hamilton Hall.