Don Mathews your next GM & Coach.....

As you know, Don Mathews always wears out his welcome where ever he goes. He never lasts more than 4-5 years. So it's almost time for him to leave Montreal.

I beleive you Rider fans are about ready to run Shivers, Barrett, and Greane out of town now, so how about this bold prediction for next year.

Don Mathews...Coach and GM 2006 Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Lol :lol: Sorry i don't think the Riders will deal with Don Matthews once again. I just dont' see him being here because pretty much everyone out here hates him.


if we changeup the top end lets get some new blood in here not recycleold coaches example EDMONTON

Matthews hates Sask and will never return..... When we laid al licking on his Als last year he was quoted as saying something along the lines..we should never lose against these guys especially here!!! (Taylor FIeld)